Toiletries inspired by Chinese five elements

Banyan Tree Gallery, Banyan Tree Spa’s retail arm, has developed a new range of spa toiletries inspired by the Banyan Tree Spa;s Chinese five elements.

The elements — gold, wood, water, fire and earth  –- are incorporated in Banyan Tree Spa’s treatments. They symbolize the life forces on earth and reflect the yin and yang – the opposing states of nature. With the union of the yin and the yang, they form the main roots in the ancient Chinese tree of well-being and act as a guide for the proper application of traditional Chinese herbal remedies.

 Each five elements range suits different skin types and consist of a shower gel, bath foam, scrub and body lotion.

 Gold represents the state of purification and consolidation. It sits in the west and symbolizes wealth and prosperity and is characterized by radiance. Autumn is the season linked with gold and is suitable for oily or combination skin.

 Wood is associated with spring, when new life begins and hibernation ends. It is the start of the Yang energy and is characterized by growth and renewal, Suitable for mature skin.

 Water, associated with winter and extreme Yin, is a cooling formula, suitable for dry skin,  It is characterized as a season of rest and stillness and is positioned north among the five elements. It is meditative and gentle, and in Feng Shui, it is used to promote wealth and good luck.

 Fire, the strongest of the five elements, is associated with vitality and hot summer. It is the most energetic and is represented by the color red. It is also used to counter the excessive heat and is suitable for oily skin.

 Earth represents optimum balance. It sits at the centre, regulating and nourishing the five elements. Earth is also the pivot of the cycle, symbolizing late summer when the yang energies of spring and summer transform the yin energies of autumn and winter. It is suitable for oily or combination skin.

 Three new collections based on Banyan Tree’s popular treatments

Three new lines, based on Three of Banyan Tree’s popular treatments, are being launched by Banyan Tree that cleans, refresh and moisturize the hair and skin and keep it healthy and radiant.

The three collections feature unique formulae that use tropical fruits, spices and greens – Ginger and Lemon Collection, Pineapple and Coconut Collection and the yoghurt and Cucumber Collection.

 Angsana offers new home care collection 

Angsana Spas has lau8nched a new line of antioxidant and moisture-rich products for spa lovers who would like to recreate the Angsana experience at home.

There are four collections – apple and paprika, avocado and almond, banana and milk, and honey and tamarind – are made with unique combinations of fruits and spices.

The new collections are available at Banyan Tree and Angsana galleries in Bangkok and Phuket.


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