Chedi Chiang Mai switches to organics

GHM Hotels has embarked on a spa-by-spa makeover, starting with The Chedi in Chiang Mai and replacing its current products with new organic lines, and a green philosophy.

The process continues through the end of the year.

“We’ve always had a holistic spa concept – but until now the choice of suitable product lines has been limited,” says Brenda Ramen, GHM’s spa director.

“Savvy spa goers are demanding alternatives to chemically based formulations. If I wouldn’t put it in my body – why would I put it on my hair or skin?”

The new line-up from GHM – Voga, Ila and Spa Ritual – is approved by both the USDA and the UK Soil Association. They contain no harsh chemicals, no parabens and no toxins – products that go beyond pure and natural to organic.

“Change,” she adds, “can be good – but only if you’re moving in the right direction. At GHM, we’ve always been holistic, as opposed to cosmetic, which is much more salon style, and much more chemically oriented and all about quick results.

“Long term, these kinds of products are not good for you.”

The body wants and needs certain chemistry. The wrong chemistry is toxic because cosmetics leach into the blood, he says.

In terms of treatments, health takes precedence over wealth. It used to be the other around. Only now, it’s trickled down to the cosmetic industry.

GHM has an Asian-inspired spa concept. “What does that mean? If you get a cut in Indonesia, for example, you put turmeric on it. It’s a natural antiseptic … and when I got Dengue fever, I got a white spot. I started taking fresh turmeric, a little poultice, and now it’s filled in. Turmeric is anti-cancer, anti-inflammatory, a good blood purifier.”

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