Thai Spa Promotion Campaign for 2012

THE TOURISM AUTHORITY OF THAILAND will be given a special budget to help tourism businesses, including spas, hit by last fall’s flooding.

How much is still up in the air. “At this point, the budget is under consideration by the Thai government,” said Mrs. Juthaporn Rerngronasa, deputy governor for international marketing (Europe, Africa, Middle East and Americas), Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT). But she did confirm that TAT would be launching a consumer-based advertising and promotion campaign for the spa industry in 2012.

The campaign will be focused on two key market areas: Short-haul destinations in East Asia and ASEAN countries; and long-haul markets like North America and Europe.

“All demographic groups will be targeted, especially those interested in health and wellness. The over-all message for both markets is: Thailand: Spa Paradise of Asia.”

The Tourism Authority of Thailand will also provide promotional tools for the industry, she adds. In addition to the industry’s own marketing and sales promotions, TAT will be running sales projects like the Amazing Thailand Grand Sales by gathering special spa packages from spa operators; create a website to provide information about spa products and services and allow spa operators to introduce as well as sell their packages on the website. TAT also plans to organize sales promotion activities abroad at various tourism fairs.

TAT, she notes, is on good terms with every spa association inThailandand co-operates with them to promote Thai spas throughout the year.
These co-operative activities include: Creating promotional material to promote spa properties under the Thai Spa in Mind theme; a website about medical tourism —; organize the Thailand Tourism Awards in health tourism to raise spa operator standards; promote health tourism at the Thailand Tourism Fair (TTF) to induce people to spend more time in a spa; organize trade shows and road shows abroad for Thai spas; organize familiarization trips for travel agents and media to test Thai spas, products; and promote Thai spas through TAT’s 28 overseas offices.

In today’s fast-paced, super competitive world, maintaining high quality standards has never been more important. “Otherwise, we simply will not be able to maintain business levels.”

TAT will do its part, she added, by promoting the authentic Thai spa and what visitors can expect when they come to an authentic Thai spa.

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