Spa Canada launches U.S. Spa Wellness magazine

Graphics Designer Alicia Wilkins, Nora Lynn Carr and Managing Editor Jean Cole.

By Wyatt Navikevicius

SPA CANADA, Canada‘s largest spa magazine, makes its U.S. debut at the Las Vegas Aesthetic Spa and Trade show this April and Peter Cole, the publisher, tells us about his plans for the future.

Peter is no stranger to the He built Medical Spa Revue Canada almost from scratch and
has been attending American trade shows for almost 10 years. Now he’s bringing Spa and Wellness to the U.S market in both online and print formats.

The online version was launched earlier this month (January) and will serve as prelude to the print edition by showing what the publication is about and what it will be offering readers. It will run as a monthly publication at first but will be changed to a quarterly offering in the spring. Initial print run will be 10,000 copies.

Peter plans on attending at least three or four more trade shows across to the country to advertise the magazine and talk to readers and advertisers.

Spa Canada is the largest spa publication in Canada and has been in business since 1995. The new magazine will focus on spas that are both high-end and offer medically proven treatments, and provide readers with a guide to luxury and wellness. Top writers and speakers from around the world will be contributing to its content.

“The quality will definitely be a cut above the rest,” he said.

Bernard Renaud, director of ESI spa trade shows in Canada has named Spa & Wellness as the official trade show magazine for ESI’s shows in the U.S.

Spa Canada and ESI have worked together as strategic partners at all our trade shows in Canada for 10 years and have grown together. We look forward to the same success with the introduction of Spa & Wellness at ourLas Vegas show in April,” he said with the launch of the magazine’s Internet edition.

Spa Canada’s success, he adds, has been its focus on providing expert advice to spa owners and their staff while keeping them up to date with the fast-breaking changes reshaping the industry today.

Spa and Wellness will be providing the same level of advice for industry professionals in the U.S.”

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For more information on Spa and Wellness, you can talk to Peter at the Las Vegas Aesthetic Spa and Trade show, where he will be offering free sample copies, or check out SpaCanada’s website

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