An evening with astrologer Shelley von Strunckel

SONEVA KIRI is offering guests an invitation to meet Shelley von Strunckel, a world-famous astrologer, and hear her views on the way ahead over dinner on Saturday, March 24.

Shelley has been a powerful voice in the movement towards having astrology recognized as a holistic science. She has a gift for translating astrology into here-and-now language and her column appears in many well known newspapers and magazines like the Sunday Times, London’s Evening Standard, French Vogue, Chinese Vogue, South China Morning Post and Dubai’s Gulf News.

What’s ahead for 2012? She sees a single discernable pattern in the changes that will create disarray in the world – in politics and economics. At Soneva Kiri, she’ll explain this pattern and what to expect during the pivotal year of 2012 and for years to come.

It’s not all doom and gloom. The trick, she says, is understanding what’s happening and then knowing how to deal with change.

Dinner will be held outside in The View, Soneva Kiri’s scenic restaurant under the stars and moon.

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