Dalai Lama keynote speaker at 2013 Global Spa Summit

dalhi lama

THE DALAI LAMA, TENZIN GYATSO, one of the world’s most popular spiritual leaders, will be keynote speaker at the 7th annual Global Spa’s Wellness Summit, set for New Delhi, India, in October.

His Holiness describes himself as a simple Buddhist monk. In 1989, he was winner of the Nobel Peace Prize and is the first Nobel Laureate to be recognized for his concern for the global environment, and was recently named the most popular world leader in the U.S. and six European nations.

He has authored more than 72 books, and traveled to more than 62 countries on six continents.

Dr. Kenneth Pelletier, clinical professor of medicine, University of Arizona and University of California, believes that hearing him speak will represent a “defining moment” for conference delegates and the industry.

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