AEC 2015: More intense competition for consumers and top staff

Spa study group --1

LOOK FOR MORE INTENSE COMPETITION in Thailand’s spa industry with the advent of AEC 2015, prompting a need for spas to differentiate themselves and to improve the communications skills of their staffs.

A research study by Stenden Rangsit University and the Thai Spa Association also predicts increased competition in the recruitment of skilled managers and experienced therapists.

The study, which will be published at the World Spa and Well-Being Convention in Bangkok on Sept. 18, also looks for an increase in the number of consumers from China, which is expected “to grow immensely “as well as more visitors from India and Japan. Europeans, including Russians, still constitute one of the largest target groups, it notes.

In the case of Asian consumers, these consumers are looking for high-tech skin care rather than body treatments.“Spa consumers are getting more results-oriented and probably slightly less interested in pampering treatments.”

The study also pointed to a growing demand for spa cuisine as well as an increasing demand for beauty treatments as well as customized treatments.
Other developments include:

More medical spas and associated treatments; more socializing by spa consumers at the spa; increased use of high technology; more innovative treatments on the way for “office syndrome” concerns.

Throughout it all, the study predicts that “the quality and skill of therapists will become more important than the treatment, itself”.

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