What’s really important to spa goers?

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HOW DO CONSUMERS go about choosing a spa? If you thought advertising and mass media, you’re partially right.

But if you’re like most people, it’s word-of-mouth every time – what their friends say. But for potential spa goers, social media and magazines are also big influencers.

According to a new research study by Stenden University and the Thai Spa Association, trust plays an integral role for spa consumers and 25% of spa goers who took part in the survey also describe “the attitude of staff as the most important factor when visiting a spa” as well as hygene, treatment quality and the atmosphere of the spa.

What do consumers want? The new study, to be published at the World Spa and Well-Being Convention 2013 in Bangkok on Sept. 18, also revealed consumer in individualized packages, a back-to-the-basics approach with authentic treatments and therapies.

Some of their key findings:

The majority of spa goers went for relaxation – beauty treatments, maintaining a healthy lifestyle and as a way to reward/spoil themselves.

What kind of spas did they choose? Massage spas, Day spas, Hotel/Resort spas and Beauty spas. Women tended to choose facials, hand-and-foot care, body scrubs and herbal compares massages, while men favored Thai massage, Swedish massage and the reflexology massage.

Average spending per visit – 1,500 BHT or US $50.

Most women spa goers visit the spa during the weekend; men tended to go on week days. Women purchased more facial products and body lotions. Most spa goers prefer organic products and there was a higher preference for well known brands. Tips/gratuities were typical.

Authentic treatments/therapies were seen as more important by men. Packages based on discount and time spent in the spa were more important to women. Potential spa consumers would like to see more healthy cuisine in spas.

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