Celebrating Thailand’s Vegetarian Festival in Phuket

SALA  Phuket vegetarian festival

THEY GO ALL OUT in Phuket to celebrate Thailand’s Vegetarian Festival, which this year runs from Oct. 5-13.

The festival is popular throughout Thailand, especially in areas with large populations of Chinese immigrants, such as Bangkok, Chiang Mai and Phuket.

During the festival, Thai people practise “jay”. The word comes from Chinese Mahayana Buddhism. It means observing the eight precepts, which includes avoiding and abstaining from any animal meat, to keep their bodies clean and their eating utensils clean, and making sure they do not share utensils with people who do not observe the festival. They must wear white clothing whenever possible, inflict no harm on animals, and be mindful of their thoughts and actions. Devotees also abstain from sex and alcohol during the festival.

In celebration of The Vegetarian Festival, several of the SALA Hospitality Group properties will be offering a vegetarian highlight option to their menus.
In Phuket, celebrations are offered constantly between the many Chinese temples populated throughout the island, along with daily street processions between the temples and local communities. Fireworks, drums, market stalls and an exuberance of color and decoration are almost impossible to avoid during this period.

One of the most astonishing aspects of the Phuket festival is the extreme lengths devotees go to – piercing themselves with any variety of objects from knives and skewers to flowers and children’s toys while in a trance-like state. Be forewarned, this is a visual not for the feint hearted.

SALA Phuket will be providing a special seven course vegetarian set menu for 1,600 BHT per couple during this period, featuring vegetarian fare, such as: exploding quinoa served on green mango muddled with chilies, peanuts, coriander, mint and a lime palm sugar dressing.

View the full menu here. For bookings call 076 33 8888 or email fbphuket@salaphuket.com.

SALA Rattanakosin in Bangkok also offers a special vegetarian menu throughout the festival. The menu comprises nine new dishes (four appetizers and five mains) including Tod Man Khao Pod – Deep fried sweet corn fritters served with plum dipping sauce, Laab Hed – Sauteed Asian mushrooms tossed with mint leaf, toasted rice and chili and lime dressing, served with long beans and green cabbage.

Mee Sua –the traditional Chinese wheat noodle is often prepared for important festivities. Mee Sua (or Misua) is symbolic of long life and is popular throughout South East Asia.

SALA Khaoyai will be serving a special variation of Mee Sua throughout October in celebration on the Vegetarian Festival in addition to several other special menu items.

For further information and reservations, email stay@salakhaoyai.com

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