Six Senses Yao Noi’s organic free-range egg farm

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SIX SENSES YAO NOI has launched an organic chicken farm in support of its core values of sustainability, and respect for the environment.

The resort purchased 200 young laying hens and as of April 2014, the farm now provides guests with fresh eggs daily. By June, it is estimated that the chickens will supply the resort with all its eggs.

Jim Driskell, senior chef de cuisine at The Dining Room, the resort’s organic European cuisine restaurant, in conjunction with Pimjai Doungnate, the resort’s full time sustainability and recycling expert, developed the organic chicken farm from initial planning to implementation.
Chef Jim had substantial experience from his time working in the U.S., Chile and Japan at several well known farm to table restaurants.

The opportunity to create the chicken farm within the resort is a point of pride for both Chef Jim and Pim. In fact, a tour of the facility has become one of the top guest experiences.
Eating healthy, nutritious meals is essential to prevent chronic disease, premature aging, and provide balanced nutritional requirements. Free-range organic chickens eating a healthy, natural diet pass on the benefits in the form of clean, healthy and low cholesterol eggs, unlike chicken eggs from cage farming which should be restricted in any diet.

Six Senses Yao Noi chickens are fed organic agricultural kitchen by-products, including carrot pulp, vegetable trimmings, organic rice bran and E.M., which is an effective micro-organism solution. No chemicals are used, nor purchased chicken food.

Organic free range chicken eggs contain 1/3 less cholesterol, ¼ less saturated fat, more vitamins and two times more omega 3 fatty acids when compared to eggs from caged chickens.

The chickens have their own sound music system and the resort has built them a workout facility similar to a children’s playground . It’s called The Chicken Gym.

The wooden structure is a multi-level installation with terracing steps for exercise sessions.
Koh Yao Noi’s famous animal doctor, a lifelong lover of all animals and qualified veterinarian, regularly inspects the chickens to ensure optimal, health conditions and provides advice pertinent to the special conditions on the island.

By eating pure organic matter, chickens significantly reduce the overall waste of the resort. Six Senses Yao Noi is aggressively working towards Zero Waste.

The use of organic eggs also contributes to the resorts efforts to reduce carbon emissions. The chicken farm is 1,315 feet (400 metres) from the kitchen. In modern day society most of the eggs normally travel hundreds of miles from farm to warehouse to supermarket to end user.

Another positive side product is the chicken manure which is a rich organic fertilizer used in the resort’s organic vegetable gardens.

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