Summer camp at Soneva Kiri

The_Den_Arial THE ANNUAL SUMMER CAMP at Soneva Kiri has become a haven for inquisitive children whose imaginations might be in danger of being greyed out by cityscapes.

The cross-cultural camp offers a fascinating exercise for parents in watching how 10 days spent exploring, learning about the environment, Thai culture, wellness, marine biology and studying local crafts in a safe and fun environment can open their children’s eyes and enrich their development.

The Soneva resorts have forged a reputation for doing things differently and their children’s activities, run closely along their signature SLOW LIFE philosophy – Sustainable, Local, Organic, Wellness – Learning, Inspiring, Fun, Experiences. The incredible manta-ray shaped Den at Soneva Kiri, for example, has proved a sensation among children.

An equally inspirational Den is being built at Soneva Fushi in the Maldives and will open later this year but meanwhile, its Summer Camp will embrace all features that have placed Soneva’s Dens in a class of their own.

Not only will our Soneva youngsters have the opportunity to get to know these exotic islands they will have the freedom to run around and play, indulging their adventurous and creative bents in everything from Asian kite making, to astrology, coconut versatility, surviving in a jungle to protecting local marine species and preparing organic mocktails.

Using the natural properties of Soneva Kiri, they will also learn about sustainability and how important the environment is to their futures.

Over the years, Soneva’s children’s leaders have become expert in making learning fun and playing with children from contrasting cultures and continents is an important part of their enjoyment. They develop lasting friendships that span the world, with the exchange of ideas and activities among them proving a most powerful educational tool.

They will also enjoy plenty of physical activity in the form of sport and exploration and just because they are children does not mean they miss out on the amazing cuisine that Soneva guests enjoy. As well as learning how to cook authentic Maldivian and Thai delicacies as well as fruit and fish, to provide further education in sustainability, nutrition and good health.

The Summer Camp runs at Soneva Kiri until October 2014 and lasts for 10 days with children able to join at any time free of charge. Children of all ages are welcome.

Accommodation prices start at $820/night or a special package of $705/night for a minimum of two nights.

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