Yogic Sleep added to Six Senses Spas Yogic programs

Six Senses sleep yoga

SIX SENSES SPAS are making better sleep their business by adding Yogic Sleep to the recently launched series of Yogic programs, designed to boost the quality of relaxation and improve sleep.

The program combines yoga nidra, pranayama and gentle yoga practice with relaxing spa treatments. Yoga nidra, also known as yogic sleep or sleep with awareness, is a simple yet hugely effective practice most often taught lying down. Its goal is to induce full body relaxation and a deep meditative state of consciousness, addressing practitioners’ psychological, neurological and subconscious needs.

It also provides a set of mind-body tools that can help guests achieve everyday well-being and often navigate some of life’s hardest moments. Regular practice leads to the most profound level of relaxation, improved sleep patterns and a stronger immune system.

Your journey to better sleep continues in the privacy of your own villa. Optimal room temperatures, relaxation music, energy cleansing room and pillow mists and sleep-boosting snacks are just some of the features Six Senses resorts uses to enhance the effects of its Yogic Sleep program.

Each guest will receive a sleep journal to clear the mind, process daily experiences or simply prepare for tomorrow by writing their thoughts down. Plenty of practical take-home techniques will be provided for creating an ideal body, mind and environment for sleep. Three-to-14-night retreats will be available at all Six Senses resorts from December this year.

For more information, email enquiries-spa@sixsenses.com.


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