Six Senses introduces meditation at all its resorts and spas

Yoga classes at six senses

SIX SENSES MEDITATION, a focus on mindfulness, has been created around the brand’s philosophy of six senses – sight, sound, smell, taste, touch and the elusive sixth sense.

Research shows that meditation provides cognitive and psychological benefits that persist throughout the day, and by using mindfulness practices, Six Senses aims to lead the guests to a more balanced state of being.  

The Six Senses yoga teacher begins by offering a piece of fruit and a drop of essential oil on everyone’s hand and then guides the group through their meditation. Practitioners are encouraged to “see” their third eye, inhale the essential oil, hear the unheard, feel the earth, and focus on the taste of the fruit as they progress through their meditation.

The sixth sense is represented by the heart chakra and practitioners are asked to expand their heart, reconnect and feel love for themselves and others around the world. It is only when our hearts open, that we can feel compassion and genuine empathy for others.

Meditation sessions are offered complimentary and on a regular basis at Six Senses spas around the world. At Six Senses resorts, guests can enjoy guided meditation at the end of group yoga classes.

Six Senses Spa shootModel Paulina BlåderSix Senses resorts and spas have also introduced short sessions before or after wellness workshops and visiting practitioner talks.

“My daily meditation practice has become as natural and beneficial as any morning ritual, and we are proud to be sharing the benefits of meditation and mindfulness practice in a way that anyone can grasp. It is a path to happiness and balance that is supported by research,” said Anna Bjurstam, vice president of Six Senses Spas.

Six Senses Meditation is not justfor guests, but also to expand host practices. There are seven- and 15-minute versions of Six Senses Meditation which have been incorporated into spa hosts’ briefing meetings, training sessions as well as group activities. The goal is to further enhance Six Senses hosts’ skills and deepen their intuition and compassion which are crucial when providing a highly personalized treatment.

There are also wider resort and spa get-togethers to share the benefits with other hosts and boost Six Senses inimitable and intuitive approach to service.

Six Senses Spas include 27 award-winning spas in 18 countries around the world.

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