Six Senses Spas Support Global Wellness Day

Six Senses yoga -- wellness day

SIX SENSES SPAS will be supporting Global Wellness Day at all its locations. The initiative was introduced in 2012 by Turkey and came into being after founder Belgin Aksoy concluded that the desire to live well is dominant internationally, and a dream embraced by virtually the whole world.

Wellness in all its forms will be celebrated in over 30 countries on June 13 this year.

The fundamental purpose of the day is to make people aware of the value of their lives. The point is, even if just for one day of the year, to make the world stop and think, get away from the stress of urban lifestyles and from bad habits, and find peace.

Ultimately, it is meant as a journey of self-discovery, where people find that they can change their whole lives and are given the tools to do so through exercise, healthy eating, and spiritual teachings combined.

This message aligns perfectly with the Six Senses Spas philosophy, which aims at putting guests in touch with their senses. It comes as no surprise then that Six Senses Spas would join the worldwide movement and support the event at a brand level, offering activities and health advice throughout its entire portfolio.

Emphasis will be placed on yoga and meditation, drawing on the Six Senses Yogic programs introduced in 2014 and Six Senses Meditation launched earlier this year. Depending on the location, guests can have the experiences of yoga beneath a waterfall, on a jetty, around a swimming pool and at sunrise, individually, and in classes.

Yoga Nidra (energizing sleep) and yoga stretch is offered at several spas, while meditation and the singing bowl routine is featured throughout the collection.

Six Senses Spas invite all spa goers and wellness-minded enthusiasts to join us on June 13 at any Six Senses spa. Each spa looks forward to sharing life-changing tips to live well and feel happier, and be at one with the enduring Six Senses mission to help people reconnect with themselves, others and the world around them.

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