HOW TO: Make a Strawberry Body Scrub


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WANT TO MAKE EVERY DAY feel more like a SPA day? The experts at  SPA Cenvaree would like to share a great body scrub that help you feel invigorated and that you can do at home.

For the Strawberry Body Scrub you’ll need: Fresh strawberries, brown sugar, medium ground orange peel, instant coffee, olive oil and fresh milk.

How to make the Strawberry Body Scrub:

You’ll need to make strawberry cream first. All you need is five fresh strawberries, 100ml of fresh milk and 20 ml of olive oil.

Put the strawberries, milk and olive oil in a blender and blend until smooth and pour the mixture into a small bowl.

Depending on the quantity of scrub you would like to make, mix the same amount of each – brown sugar, medium ground orange peel and instant coffee – in a bowl.  Once you have completed the strawberry cream and the scrub, you are ready to spa.

Take some of the strawberry cream and gentle rub onto skin where you would like to scrub.  Next, apply some of the scrub mixture on top of the cream.  In a gentle circular motion massage your skin for about five minutes.

For best results, only scrub two to three times a week.  Rubbing in a circular motion gets your blood circulating and also helps to smooth the skin without causing irritation, which can occur from a back and forth motion.

After a scrub, it’s important to moisturize, which will further help to give you smooth, supple and healthy skin.

At SPA Cenvaree, an important part of the experience is creating a cocooning environment. You can create a similar atmosphere at home quite simply. Start by setting the scene. Turn off your phone, dim the lights (better yet, just have candle-light – the flickering flame invokes inner stillness).

Burn some essential oils (black pepper and kaffir lime are personal favourites) and turn on your chosen Enya-inspired CD.

We do not recommend using this body scrub on your face as your face is more sensitive than the skin on your body.

SPA Cenvaree has highly trained, knowledgeable, and nurturing staff that can help you unwind and relieve your body of stress and infuse transformative energy that can promote healing and balance.

Centara has over 35 branches of SPA Cenvaree along with our value brand ‘Cense’ by Spa Cenvaree, where you can go to enjoy the variety of Thai treatments.

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