Safe fun in the sun this summer from Centara


WHILE IT’S TIME to get out and enjoy the summer breezes, remember the power of the sun’s rays.

Centara Hotels & Resorts knows a thing or two about beautiful, sunny destinations, such as Samui, Hua Hin, Phuket, Bali, the Maldives, to name just a few, and wants to share some useful tips with you to help protect you and your family this summer.

Centara’s Tara Hanrahan, group director of spa operations, and Michelle Jamieson, corporate director of marketing communications, teamed up to put together some important tips to remember this summer while relaxing on the beach, enjoying water sports and activities, exploring a destination or even while shopping:

To get your skin silky-smooth and sun-ready, here’s a simple recipe for a body exfoliation: SPACenvaree’s Javanese Body Scrub. It removes dry, flaky skin and helps prolong tan even-ness (the divine coffee smell also helps): simply mix together a handful of fresh coffee grounds with coconut oil and brown sugar to produce a rough paste.

“Vigorously scrub all over before showering and your skin will smell gorgeous, look great and feel soft. Look out summer! ” says Tara Hanrahan.

While those big floppy hats not only don’t look incredibly stylish, they do provide great shade from the sun.  This goes for men as well – but a hat is a great outfit addition to fend off those harmful rays, especially if you are not blessed with a full head of hair.

“This goes for the littlest ones in the family as well.  A large brim hat will combat rays coming from any direction,” says Michelle Jamieson.

A great pair of wraparound sunglasses provides great coverage for the delicate and sensitive skin around the eyes.  If you haven’t tried polarized lenses yet, then go and try some out.  They reduce the glare from the sun allowing you to see much clearer on a bright day.

“You might not know this, but your eyes can get sun burned just like your skin so protect them,” adds Michelle.

There are a ton of great swim suit options out there that have built in sunscreen preventing unsightly tan lines and harmful sun exposure.

After long stints in the sun, says Tara, take a cold shower to help cool down the skin as well as prevent further dehydration of the skin, which can be caused by hot water.  The cool water also has additional benefits for your skin and is also more environmentally friendly.

Eat up this summer.  There are many fruits that help your skin from the inside and out.  Cantaloupes are a great choice as they are filled with antioxidants and assist with skin hydration.

Another fruity trick is to grab a fresh strawberry and poke some holes in the flesh to awaken the juices, then rub the strawberry all over your face in small circles.  Rinse off after about two minutes to see brighter skin.

If you did get too much sun on your face, the most heavenly, cooling facial is also one of the cheapest.

Simply chill, peel and blend 1-2 cucumbers and gently pat the mixture over the red areas. Lie back with a few cucumber rings on the eyes and relax.

After 10 minutes gently wash off with cool water and moisturize (don’t rub the moisturizer in, rather let it sit on the surface and soak in). “I have used this facial many times and it’s one of my favourites!” says Tara.

If you do get sunburnt, there are fantastic healing benefits to sipping a glass of red wine.  Resveratol, found in the skin of red grapes, helps to reduce the redness from sunburns along with other anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects from the wine.  Cheers.


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