Centara provides further commitments to staff development

Inspiration Room - Training 

CENTARA HOTELS & RESORTS has extended its existing employee training package into an innovative, highly accessible, multi-level program designed to provide each staff member with precisely what they need to learn to reach the next level of their professional development.

With a definite roadmap towards succession planning and talent development schemes, Centara is paving the way for a passionate, committed staff to grow into supervisory and managerial capacities.

Nithivut Chanthai has been appointed corporate director of training & talent development. With more than seven years of experience in training and a quality educational background, Chanthai joins the Centara family after working with the parent company, Central Group – People Capability Development department as the training manager. The experience and knowledge of the Central Group provides Chanthai great insight into the Centara structure.

The will and curiosity to learn often starts with a little inspiration, so the company has provided a dedicated space – an ‘Inspiration Room’ – where staff can seek out new trends, ideas and motivating suggestions daily; plus gain insight into Centara’s values as a corporate entity.

Analyzing the needs of the individual is also an important starting point. A full analysis of each person is undertaken before Centara HR staff develops a training plan and progress calendar. Each plan seeks to incorporate both “soft” and “hard” skill training, with a particular emphasis on maintaining a healthy “work-life balance”, assisted through wellness programs that can be implemented at home if desired.

Centara has also come to believe in the power of sharing as a tool for mutual benefit, so cross-training is encouraged. In the end, people always learn new things when they teach someone else.

The time-honoured tradition of learning from someone more experienced is also a key part of the Centara development program. “Executive Sharing” gives staff access to the valuable time of some of the company’s most dynamic executives.

Centara also offers many specialist management classes, such as “Successful Transition to Supervisor”, “Successful Transition to Manager”, “Executive Development”, as well as various generalized leadership classes and camps designed to promote confidence towards taking on a more challenging role.

The company’s “Management Development Programme (MDP)” is similarly designed to elevate suitable Centara team members to their next position. Each year, the company selects employees with the potential to successfully participate in MDP from across all properties in Thailand and overseas, with a view to developing their knowledge and skills so that they are ready to become young managers.

In addition to the wealth of in-house resources at employee’s disposal, Centara also gives their staff access to external training resources towards gaining skills in specific areas of expertise that cannot be provided by the company.


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