Two new treatments at Bandara Phuket Resort


SHINE SPA AT BANDARA PHUKET RESORT is offering two 90-minute special treatments  – Sound Vibration Energy Healing and the Himalayan Salt Pot massage.

The Sound Vibration Energy Healing is a total healing therapy that incorporates sound vibration to create a peaceful healing space, while soothing your physical as well as emotional stess, offering complete body, mind and spirit harmony.

“The experience produces a deep sense of relaxation and tranquility, with effects to promote better quality sleep” said.

The Himalayan Salt hot pot massage takes its inspiration from ancient Thai post-natal treatments. This heat-transferring treatment features Himalayan salt, packed in a Thai-style clay pot, combined with aromatherapy massage.

It focuses on your abdominal and back areas in a therapy that provides substantial relaxation as well as detoxification effects.


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