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Anantara among top 15 hotel brands in world by Travel + Leisure US readers
Six Senses serves up sustainable food and water
Anantara launches new immersive video-centric website
Anantara Siam Bangkok’s morning wellness program
Panpuri Wellness opens in Bangkok

Anantara among top 15 hotel brands in world by Travel + Leisure US readers

THE READERS OF TRAVEL + LEISURE US recognized Anantara Hotels and Resorts in the top 15 leading hospitality brands in the travel magazine’s annual World’s Best survey.

“We are truly honoured to see Anantara on the list. This reflects a growing consumer trust and belief in the brand and appreciation of the product, experiences and exceptional service at all Anantara hotels around the world,” said Dillip Rajakarier, CEO Minor Hotels, owning company of Anantara Hotels, Resorts & Spas.

“In the 15 years since the launch of Anantara, the brand has grown from just a handful of properties to a luxury portfolio, comprising close to 40 hotels and resorts. Throughout this journey, focusing on guest satisfaction has been one of the cornerstones of the business, and we are proud to see our efforts recognized by our loyal guests,” Rajakarier said.

One of the world’s most prestigious travel awards, T+L’s annual readers’ survey rates destinations and travel providers.

Asked to weigh in on travel experiences around the globe, T+L readers share their opinions on the top hotels, resorts, cities, islands, cruise ships, spas, airlines and more.

Hotel brands are rated on their locations, rooms, facilities, food, service and over-all value.


Six Senses serves up sustainable food and water


The culinary and spa teams grow it, forage for it, source it, prepare it, cook it up, and blend it into spa treatments and therapies.

It has a direct bearing on guest health, vitality and happiness – and that of the world around them – which is why Six Senses ensures all produce is local, seasonable and sustainable where possible.

The group’s philosophy on food and drink starts with choosing natural ingredients, and a cleaner and simpler approach to preparation, focusing on quality, balance and fresh whole food made from scratch.

Herbs, fruit, veggies and mushrooms are grown in the organic gardens on site. Fresh eggs and milk are also supplied by resident chickens, goats … and even camels.

Six Senses adheres to the highest ethical standards on caring for livestock, follows a “no-take” list of at-risk seafood species, and is committed to local and seasonal sourcing of produce.

All its properties are building close relationships with local farmers and suppliers, who share the same commitment to responsible sourcing and seasonality. Several properties are also active in local farmers’ markets. Six Senses Samui even plays host to their own for the local community and guests several times throughout the year.

Knowing that one- third of the food we consume requires pollination by bees, honey bee farms are maintained onsite to support healthy ecosystems and provide fresh honey.

The attitude is also about less is more, with chefs cooking up feasts while avoiding additives, preservatives, artificial colors and flavors or GMO foods.

Plastic bottles are out. Instead, each property treats, purifies, mineralizes and bottles its own still and sparkling drinking water in reusable glass bottles on site. Six Senses water is provided on a complimentary basis in all guest accommodations.

Chilled water, sparkling and still, is served in restaurants at a cost that is significantly less than imported bottled water, with 50 per cent of all sales contributing to the Sustainability Fund. The money is earmarked for use in local community projects.

“We surveyed many guests across all of our properties and held blind taste tastings of Six Senses water,” said the group’s Vice-President of Sustainability Jeffery Smith.

“Many people were not able to distinguish between branded water and Six Senses water. And once the environmental implication was made clear, the overwhelming consensus was one of full support for the initiative.”

Guests taking advantage of one of the many wellness programs at Six Senses will also be fully supported by the culinary teams, who can adapt meal plans to individual needs. For example, the Trim & Fit program reduces fat mass through a balance of quality protein, resistant starches and healthy ketogenic fats, while limiting carbohydrates (glucose).

And the Holistic Anti-Ageing Centre, which launched in May at Six Senses Kaplankaya in Turkey, is based on an anti-inflammatory approach, using fresh, mineral rich foods that are abundant in antioxidants to fight free radical damage to skin, hair and nails.

Due to its popularity, the Holistic Anti-Ageing Centre concept will be launched at sister properties in 2019.

To drink to guests’ health, many spas incorporate a juice bar serving up house-made probiotics and “living” tonics. These blend up native plants that contain health-giving properties to aid digestion, reduce inflammation and keep the body’s immune system strong.

An enticing juice and smoothie menu that features local ingredients is also available across the group and complements the personalized wellness programs.

Wellness experts share nutritional advice during personal consultations, while cooking classes and the Alchemy Bar workshops teach guests how to use local ingredients and produce in nutritious meal or in homemade hair, body or face masks and scrubs. There is also follow-up advice to take home, so guests understand what foods to favor and avoid, and how to keep up the good work going forward.

“All Six Senses dining outlets focus on using home-grown ingredients, augmented with responsible produce from local farmers and cultivated to our specifications. We continue to serve local and international favorites, but by default, our guests leave feeling better than when they arrived,” said Corporate Food & Beverage Director Jonathan Heath, who spearheads the on-going commitment says,



Anantara launches new immersive video-centric website

ANANTARA HOTELS & RESORTS is relaunching its brand website,, which utilizes on-trend design and UX features such as abundant video content, emotive full-bleed images and interactive maps.

It has been rafted to follow anintuitive-user journey that includes experiences that have been made central to the website flow, to fully immerse guests in the digital world of Anantara.

Once a guest selects a property, video-enabled ‘day in the life’ teasers, image carousels plus concise and evocative storytelling bring the chosen destination and property to life – from helicopter rides to private islands at Anantara Medjumbe Island, scaling impossible cliff heights at Anantara Al Jabal Al Akhdar to stargazing at the only observatory in the Indian Ocean with Anantara Kihavah.

The website has been expertly designed and developed to whisk prospective guests into the Anantara moments they can experience.

Ever since launching in 2002, Anantara has been striving to provide bespoke journeys for all guests. This ethos, driven by current digital trends, inspired the creation of a new comparison feature.

Its comparison tool encourages guests to compare up to three selected destinations, hotels or room categories, allowing a guest to tailor their holiday or business trip to their individual criteria.

The website is a journey in itself, a prequel to the unique experiences the ‘book now’ button will lead to. Each user’s online journey is concluded with a seamless booking process.

“This website relaunch comes at a pinnacle moment for the Anantara brand as we proudly communicate to all new and existing guests that ‘Anantara owns experiences.’

The website platform will also play a defining role in the launch of a compelling integrated brand campaign due to roll out later in the year,” said Michael Marshall, chief commercial officer of Minor Hotels.

“Our guests’ journey of discovery begins at the moment of holiday inception, and crucially we must capture new and returning guests’ imagination with an aesthetic flair that matches the true nature of the real experience at the moment they land on,” he said.

Since its launch in April 2018, the site has enjoyed increased traffic, with more than three million unique views of the video content, with users staying on average double the amount of time since before the redesign.

The site has driven a 12% increase in conversion and it has contributed to a 53% increase in revenue for the Anantara Hotels, Resorts & Spas brand. The new website is being translated into 13 languages including Arabic, Japanese, Chinese Russian and German.

The site is fully responsive for mobile, tablet and desktop users for ultimate guest convenience. On the go and business travellers are also well catered for with a clear overview of facilities across the global portfolio to facilitate seamless coordination of MICE events.




Anantara Siam Bangkok’s morning wellness program

 ANANTARA SIAM BANGKOK HOTEL IS offering a holistic treat of authentic local immersion and vitality with the introduction of the hotel’s Morning Wellness at Siam signature experience.

Offering a revitalizing start to the day that in some ways follows Bangkokians’ typical morning routine, the program invites guests to rise and shine and embark on a unique wellness journey that culminates in total nourishment for the body, mind and soul.

The Morning Wellness at Siam program unfolds in three balanced stages that combine Buddhist culture and urban nature with energising movement, a nutritious breakfast and spa wisdom:

Rising at daybreak, guests participate in the daily Buddhist tradition of Tak Bart in the hotel’s lobby – in this ancient custom of making merit and bringing good fortune, guests are guided through the morning ritual of giving alms of food to monks, and in return receiving the traditional blessing of a chant.

A short walk then leads guests to the nearby Lumpini Park. Referred to as the “Green Lung of Bangkok”, it offers rare open public spaces, trees, and playgrounds in the Thai capital, and paths totalling more than two kilometres that are popular amongst morning and evening joggers.

Here a quiet grassy spot overlooking the park’s lake and canal sets the tranquil scene for a 45-minute light energy session of ancient Chinese Qi Gong, meditation, yoga or Pranayama, guided by Anantara’s expert Balance Wellness practitioner. This session offers flowing, graceful movements to boost energy flow and life force.

A nutritious picnic breakfast served on the lawns of Lumpini Park follows, and features an abundance of creative healthy delights, including a quinoa and mixed fruit salad with poached shrimp; a charcoal bread sandwich filled with smoked salmon; homemade granola; and dark chocolate petit fours.

A vitamin-packed raw juice made from an ABC concoction of apple, beetroot and carrot and a detoxifying blend of kale, pear, lemon, ginger and honey is also served to refresh and wash all the nutritional goodness down.

After breakfast, guests experience another true taste of Bangkok when they return to the hotel by tuk tuk.

The Morning Wellness at Siam program continues at Anantara Spa, where guests indulge in a signature 60-minute Chakra Crystal Balancing therapy treatment. After selecting a crystal infused oil blend that resonates most with the individual, the body is surrounded by precious stones.

These include the unconditional love of Rose Quartz for the Heart Chakra; the peace of Amethyst above the Crown Chakra; Tiger Eyes harmonizing energy for balance beside the Solar Plexus Chakra; and Lapis Lazuli’s self-expression that empowers the Throat Chakra.

Whilst the energies of the precious stones work their healing powers, a purifying massage promotes holistic wellbeing by releasing stress and tension both physically and emotionally; harmonizing energy flow; stimulating the blood circulation; and encouraging the body’s natural detoxification.

Singing bowls are used to commence and conclude the treatment to coax a deep state of meditative relaxation, and the soothing sounds beautifully enhance the chakra balancing benefits.

Anantara Siam Bangkok Hotel’s Morning Wellness at Siam signature experience lasts four hours.

For more information or to make a reservation, call +66 2126 8866 ext. 1191, or email




Panpuri Wellness opens in Bangkok

 PAÑPURI has launched PAÑPURI WELLNESS in the heart of Bangkok’s vibrant district of Ratchaprasong, described as an urban oasis and  a world of new experiences designed to help guests discover wellness and inspire them to live healthier lifestyles.

Located on the 12th Floor of the Gaysorn Urban Retreat at Gaysorn Village, PAÑPURI WELLNESS opens to an elegant space melded with carefully selected organic materials, such as natural wood, fine marble and silk draperies, designed to evoke a calming ambiance and inspire guests to find a balance in their everyday lives, despite being exposed to 21st Century urban issues such as stress, sleep, fatigue and pollution.

PAÑPURI WELLNESS provides a holistic approach to wellness, incorporating organic spa treatments, natural and organic F&B, wellness studio and Bangkok’s largest hydrothermal facilities.

It has 12 treatment rooms and one Thai massage room with five beds. PAÑPURI WELLNESS also presents two well appointed suites, aptly called Vitality Suite and Tranquility Suite which comprise a private onsen and double beds. Other facilities include a private spa lounge and post-treatment relaxation area.

The spa area also employs Blueair, a top-of-the-line air purifying system, in its premises to quietly protect against the harmful effects of poor air quality. Guests are guaranteed to breathe in clean, fresh air devoid of dust, allergens and other micro-particles that cause respiratory discomfort.

PAÑPURI WELLNESS also has a wellness bar that offers natural and organic food and beverages as well as a wellness studio that will host holistic movement classes, meditation and wellness talks.

It also offers tailor-made and integrative wellness programs in collaboration with Dr. Aaron Bullington, a healing arts practitioner, who holds degrees in both Western and Eastern Medicine, and specializes in holistic health, mind-body medicine, pain management, structural integration, nutrition, detoxification and chronic disease.

Treatments begin with a wellness consultation and combined with spa treatments, wellness movement classes and onsen experiences for a one-day, three-day, 5-day or seven-day holistic rejuvenation.

Its spa journeys are designed to inspire relaxation, induce respite and create unforgettable experiences. Spa treatments may be tailored according to guests’ needs and preferences, and in line with the brand’s motto, “Everything that touches you is organic”, where its bathrobes, towels, sheets, fresh fruits and refreshments are carefully selected for their organic properties.

With an extensive selection of treatments encompassing facials, massages and body therapies, PAÑPURI WELLNESS ensures that each guest is provided a rejuvenating journey that balances the mind, body and spirit. One of its signature treatments, PAÑPURI Signature Mind & Body Revitalizing Retreat is a 240-minute spa experience that commences with a soak in the private onsen and combined with an organic body scrub, PAÑPURI Signature Massage and Lotus Defence Skin Radiance Facial.

Centrally located in the heart of Bangkok’s shopping and entertainment district, PAÑPURI WELLNESS is located on the 12th Floor of Gaysorn Urban Retreat at Gaysorn Village, which houses renowned beauty and health services to rejuvenate the body and mind after a long day at work. It is set in the bustling Ratchaprasong intersection which is easily accessible by taxi or train.

For further information and reservations,  call 02 253 8899.

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