Harnessing the ancient healing properties of jade and rose quartz

BREEZE SPA IS INTRODUCING its newest signature facial and body treatments, which harness the healing properties of the ancient jade and rose quartz.

Jade is often associated with health, wealth, longevity and prosperity. The use of finely polished jade in health preservation and skincare can be traced back to 7th Century China, with generations of traditional Chinese medicine practitioners referring to it as the ‘stone of heaven’, and applying it for the relaxation of the nervous system and aiding in the removal of toxins.

The action of jade rolling is also believed to increase circulation and blood flow leading to improved skin tone, smoothening of wrinkles, reduction of puffiness and inflammation, and tightening of pores.

Rose quartz has been linked to a number of legends surrounding the powers of love and reconciliation. It has been revered in Egyptian, Tibetan and Chinese culture. Cleopatra is said to have used rose quartz in her baths.

For skin prone to acne or experiencing the first sign of wrinkles, ancient legends suggest lightly scraping a rose quartz stone over affected areas to reverse the negative effects.

Today, beauty insiders recommend massaging your face regularly with a rose quartz stone to reduce the signs of ageing and rejuvenating the skin for an instant face-lift without harmful side effects.

Jade rollers and rose quartz sculpting tools are also beginning to make their appearance on Instagram feeds, with beauty influencers and enthusiasts around the world featuring these centuries-old tools on their flat lays and Insta-stories.

At Breeze Spa, specialized techniques from the delicate touch of trained therapists are paired with the healing qualities of jade and rose quartz. The Crystal Fresh facial treatments collection end with a unique wellness ritual, with the soothing and detoxifying sensation of a jade roller massage followed by gentle strokes with the jade and rose quartz sculpting tool.

The jade comb is featured in head massage treatments, while a jade stick is introduced in foot reflexology sessions. Breeze Spa also offers a hot stones massage with a different, using a collection of jade stones which aids in the healing of stressed organs and the discharge of toxins.

The collection of new Breeze Spa treatments featuring the healing properties of ancient jade and rose quartz include:

 Crystal Fresh Facial – A deep cleansing facial treatment combined with an anti-ageing crystal facial therapy to reduce the appearance of fine lines and promote radiant skin growth.

Siamese Head Massage – Inspired by ancient Indian therapeutic techniques, this treatment features deeply relaxing rhythmic and gentle strokes and is especially ideal for those prone to migraines and insomnia.

Siamese Foot Massage – Invigorating foot reflexology session which promotes circulation, clears blocked energy channels to ultimately improve overall health and balance.

Siamese Jade Stones Massage – Gently heated jade stones are carefully moved over the body to enhance circulation, alleviate stress and achieve a deep state of relaxation.

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