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Lest this day pass unnoticed
Six Senses teams up with Timeshifter to create new jet lag app
Bandara Samui’s new salt pot massage compress
School holidays package at Phuket Marriott Nai Yang Beach
An evening of full swing with Biggles Big Band at Centara Hua Hin
Celebrating Songkran at Centara April 11-15
Michelin Star French Chef at VIE Hotel Bangkok, April 3-5
Centara’s New Agenda – fresh thinking for meetings
Elite Weddings and honeymoon specialists visit Centara Grand Hua Hin
Centara Grand Beach Samui to undergo major update

Lest this day pass unnoticed

Evening. May 16, 1763. James Boswell, an impressionable 22-year-old from Scotland, is about to meet Dr. Samuel Johnson for the first time. 

Boswell had tried to meet Johnson a number of times but something always went wrong at the last minute. Then, quite unexpectedly, while he was having tea with Mr. Davies, the bookseller and sometime actor, Johnson suddenly made an appearance.

By this time, Boswell, who liked to hobnob with the talented and famous, was highly agitated and nervous, wanting to insinuate himself to Johnson, yet frightened of saying the wrong thing.

Here’s how he remembered it in his biography of Johnson:

Mr. Thomas Davies, the actor, who then kept a bookseller’s shop in Russel Street, Covent Garden, told me that Johnson was very much his friend, and came frequently to his house, where he more than once invited me to meet him; but by some unlucky accident or another he was prevented from coming to us.

At last, on Monday the 16th of May, when I was sitting in Mr. Davies’s back parlour, after having drunk tea with him and Mrs. Davies, Johnson unexpectedly came into the shop; and Mr. Davies having perceived him through the glass door in the room in which we were sitting, advancing towards us — he announced his awful approach to me, in somewhat the manner of an actor in the part of Horatio, when he addresses Hamlet on the appearance of his father’s ghost, “Look my Lord, it comes.” I found that I had a very perfect idea of Johnson’s figure from the portrait of him painted by Sir Joshua Reynolds soon after he had published his Dictionary, in the attitude of him sitting in his easy chair in deep meditation, which was the first picture his friend did for him, which Sir Joshua very kindly presented to me …

This passage still resonates, even after 256 years, as does this memorable account of Johnson’s meeting with David Garrick, a famous actor of the day and a former pupil from Johnson’s teaching days. They are standing backstage in Garrick’s theatre, and Garrick had just asked Johnson how he liked it.

“I’ll come no more behind your scenes,” said Johnson, “for the silk stockings and white bosoms of your actresses excite my amorous propensities.”

Six Senses teams up with Timeshifter to create new jet lag app


SIX SENSES HOTELS RESORTS SPAS HAS partnered with Timeshifter to improve the guests’ traveling experience. Guests booking directly with Six Senses will get access to the

Timeshifter jet lag app which is developed with Harvard Medical School Associate Professor Dr. Steven Lockley, and based on the latest research in sleep and circadian neuroscience.

The app helps you to eliminate jet lag, and enjoy high energy levels from the moment you land.

Timeshifter, which named Six Senses Hotels Resorts Spas their official hotel partner, offers highly personalized jet lag plans based on the traveler’s sleep pattern, chronotype, flight plan, and optional preferences such as pre-travel adjustment or the use of melatonin for an even faster adaptation.

Timeshifter incorporates a real world “practicality” filter, ensuring that the advice is realistic and easy to follow. There is also a unique quick turnaround feature for business travelers who want to be at their best during short business trips that are not long enough to allow full adjustment.

A notification system provides simple yet powerful advice, even while in flight. Using Timeshifter is a straightforward and empowering experience, and requires no special equipment.

The algorithm behind the new Timeshifter app is already helping astronauts, elite athletes, and top CEOs eliminate jet lag, and perform at their very best. Now, this much-needed tool is available for everyone.

“We all love to feel good when traveling on business or pleasure, but when flying long distances jet lag.”

It can cause stress, fatigue, moodiness and restless nights. We’re delighted to partner with Timeshifter and to provide our guests with a state-of-the-art tool so they can get the most out of their time when staying with Six Senses and to be their best after they arrive back home,” said Neil Jacobs, CEO of Six Senses Hotels Resorts Spas.

Jet lag is caused when the sleep-wake and light-dark cycle shift too quickly for the 24-hour circadian clock in the brain to adapt.

Timeshifter not only provides advice to alleviate the disruptive symptoms of jet lag such as insomnia and sleepiness, but addresses the underlying circadian disruption by rapidly resynchronizing the circadian clock to the new time zone and reducing the negative impact of jet lag on other brain and body functions.

“The partnership between Six Senses and Timeshifter is showing what the future of luxury travel can be.”

By combining the Six Senses Integrated Wellness experience with the Timeshifter jet lag app, based on the latest in sleep and circadian neuroscience, guests will enjoy their vacations even more and perform at their very best on business trips,” said Mickey Beyer-Clausen, CEO of Timeshifter.

Guests who book a stay through, via email or phone will be given a special code in their reservation confirmation so they can unlock a complimentary jet lag plan inside the Timeshifter iOS or Android app.

The brand’s overarching philosophy, Six Senses Integrated Wellness, provides the best base possible to help guest flourish, in tune with their natural flow: From a wide range of signature massages to high-tech science and high-touch therapies, and the food guests eat to the way they sleep and the experts they meet.

Wellness is integrated into the whole guest experience. Guests, who wish to go further, can take the non-invasive wellness screening and let Six Senses experts assess their health and lifestyle and recommend a personalized program in steps that they feel comfortable with.

Bandara Samui’s new salt pot massage compress

IN THE PAST, DURING THE PREGNANCY PERIOD and delivery time, new Thai mothers have been closely monitored by a traditional midwife, who long followed the practice of Thai-approach obstetrics science.

They also had to receive postpartum treatment, considered compulsory for nearly all. The process, which can last  from three days to a month, involves lying above a heated surface with herbal steam in order to restore the uterus and over-all vitality.

The application of a heated, salt-filled clay pot around the mother’s abdomen area is also a regular practice.

It was believed that this process relieves sprains and benefits muscle tone and edematous conditions. It also helps decrease belly fat and cleanse the amniotic fluid efficiently.

Located amid the serenity of a natural sea setting with temple trees in abundance, Bandara Spa has adopted and modified this traditional process of maternal care as its signature practice, as well as its application of salt pot strategy.

This program of heated compression with salt-filled clay pots is available at Bandara Spa. The treatment lasts from 90 minutes-to-two hours, and also suitable for those experiencing heavy fatigue, complications with blood circulation and back and waist pain. All symptoms will disappear as a result of the treatment.

A special recipe of components prepared by experts is filled inside. Its secret is that the salt can well maintain the heat throughout the whole process of treatment. The well-selected rock salt is blended with essential oil to deliver its mild pink colour and lavender fragrance, which capably relieves the existing tension and any insomnia.

This aesthetical treatment starts with the kneading of all ten lines where major tendons and nerves exist. Then is the application of the heated salt pot throughout the body.

Due to its coolness-absorbing surface, the clay pot will protect the treated skin not to get red by the over-irritation effect. The focused areas go to the lower abdominal section, back and hips, specially aiming at the inner organism. For those with muscle tone, this sort of heat will get rid of all deep tensions.



School holidays package at Phuket Marriott Nai Yang Beach

 PHUKET MARRIOTT RESORT AND SPA, NAI YANG BEACH is inviting families to enjoy a beachfront break during the school holidays, including an array of added extras to make their vacation unforgettable.

As the spring and summer school breaks approach, thoughts turn to the long, lazy days spent reconnecting with family and friends. At Nai Yang Beach, on Phuket’s secluded northwest coast, guests can enjoy a variety of activities designed to bring families closer together.

Under the “Family Happiness in the School Holidays” package, Phuket Marriott Resort and Spa, Nai Yang Beach is offering luxurious accommodation in a choice of rooms, including two bedroom suites that can sleep two parents and two kids, plus daily buffet breakfast at The Andaman Kitchen, the resort’s lively all-day restaurant.

Days can be spent relaxing around the resort’s stunning outdoor swimming pools, including an idyllic lagoon pool that winds its way through the resort, or chilling out on the golden sands of Nai Yang Beach.

Families also have the opportunity to reconnect with each other during a Thai cooking class or pizza-making class as part of the package.

Alternatively, young guests can spend endless days enjoying themselves in the Kid’s Club, which features an outdoor water play area.

Family holidays start in style, with roundtrip airport transfers for two adults and two children between the resort and Phuket International Airport, and all families will be presented with a complimentary beach bag as a welcome gift.

“The school holidays seem to last forever, providing an ideal opportunity for families to spend quality time together. At Phuket Marriott Resort and Spa, Nai Yang Beach, we fully understand the importance of family and want to create memories that parents and children will treasure forever. We look forward to welcoming all ages to our pristine corner of Phuket this spring and summer,” said Gerd Kotlorz, general manager, Phuket Marriott Resort and Spa, Nai Yang Beach.

The “Family Happiness in the School Holidays” package is valid for bookings made and stays taken between now and Aug. 31, 2019. A minimum two-night stay is required, and other terms, conditions and blackout dates apply.

For more information and to book your fun-filled family holiday this summer, call 66-76 625 555, visit

Or email . Alternatively, for more information about Phuket Marriott Resort and Spa, Nai Yang Beach, please CLICK HERE.



An evening of full swing with Biggles Big Band at Centara Hua Hin

 SWING EXCITEMENT was in the air when Centara Grand Beach Resort & Villas Hua Hin welcomed Biggles Big Band to delight Thai fans with hits from the golden era of jazz.

The beautiful city of Hua Hin was in excitement as an Amsterdam-based 25-piece jazz orchestra, Biggles Big Band, recently revisited the iconic Centara Grand Beach Resort & Villas Hua Hin as part of their 2019’s Thailand Tour.

Attended by hundreds of guests and all jazz lovers from across the globe, the event “A Big Night With Biggles Big Band” was a success with Jan Weisheit the hotel’s resident manager, personally welcoming and greeting Adrie Braat the conductor, and the big band with the management team prior to the recreation of the magical sounds from the swinging-and-dancing era.

Highlights of the glittering evening included tunes from their amazing musical repertoire such as In The Mood, Come By Me, Fly Me To The Moon, and many more famous jazz classics recreated with their well-known contemporary styles, all perfectly complimenting a wonderful atmosphere of the hotel.

For more information or to make a reservation, call +66 (0) 3251 2021




Celebrating Songkran at Centara April 11-15

CENTARA HOTELS & RESORTS is partnering with Smile in Love Wedding Studio to showcase Thailand’s rich cultural heritage embodied in traditional Thai clothing throughout the upcoming Songkran Festival 2019.

This year’s Songkran festival runs from April 12-18, one of Thailand’s favourites that attracts thousands to Thailand every year as Thai people mark the event by throwing water at each other to wash away their troubles from the previous year. It also makrs the start the Thai new year.

At Centara, staff will wear traditional Thai costumes, providing guests with an up-close look at the timeless style and glamour of authentic Thai apparel. In addition, guests at every hotel and resort property across the group will be invited to take part in Thai cultural activities such as the offering of beautiful handmade jasmine garlands and the traditional pouring of scented water over the palms.

Preparations are well underway at all 33 Centara properties within Thailand to extend a warm welcome and Thai-style hospitality to guests soon to arrive from around the world to join the Songkran festivities nationwide.

All front-line staff will be dressed in traditional Thai costumes from April 11-15 holiday period. Special activities, such as a booth for sprinkling scented water on the Buddha’s image, a set-up for pouring scented water onto elders’ palms, along with traditional Thai folk performances are also being arranged, enabling guests to experience the many appealing facets of this popular annual festival.

As the Thai hotel brand-of-choice among both Thai and international guests, Centara takes great pride in delivering its standard of Thai-style service and hospitality to guests while celebrating an important and joyful cultural occasion together with millions of Thais.


Michelin Star French Chef at VIE Hotel Bangkok, April 3-5

 La VIE – Creative French Cuisine in VIE Hotel Bangkok, MGallery by Sofitel, in collaboration with Thai Airways International Public Company Limited and Krungthai Card Public Company Limited (KTC), is offering an unique culinary experience with Michelin-starred Chef Nicolas Isnard, a master of the Mediterranean influence in French cooking for three days from April 3-5,2019.

Michelin-starred Chef Nicolas Isnard is chef and co-owner of Auberge de la Charme á Prenois restaurant, which was awarded a Michelin star within a year after opening, Chef Nicolas comes from the south of France and his grandparents were Italian, which much of his own sense of exciting tastes in a unique style both sincere and experimental.

Chef Nicolas has also been awarded 4 toques by the Gault & Millau guide and received the honored title of ‘Maitre Cuisinier de France’ in 2012.

Cooking is a “life-long passion” to Michelin-starred Nicolas Isnard. He loves his calling and the foods he works with, blending a sensitive knowledge of techniques with sheer passion to produce works of culinary art that linger deliciously on the palate, bringing to mind every dream of the azure Mediterranean and the richness of southern French cuisine.

The sevenCourse Michelin Star Set Dinner (Dinner is served at 7:00 pm) costs 5,750 THB per person for food. A perfectly paired wine package is available at an additional charge of 1,800 THB per person.




Centara’s New Agenda – fresh thinking for meetings

CENTARA HOTELS & RESORTS is bringing fresh thinking and new approaches to deliver better meetings with the launch of New Agenda: Meetings Redesigned, providing a one-stop MICE service and enhanced customer experience.

 Winfried Hancke, corporate director of operations food & beverage, Centara Hotels & Resorts, says the new program was conceived in response to customer feedback and a desire to take full advantage of the company’s venues and prime locations.

“Our clients told us they were open to bold ideas and innovative ways to engage meeting participants, and we listened,” he says. “We are confident that the ideas and resources at the core of New Agenda: Meetings Redesigned will deliver more stimulating and effective meetings for our clients and their organizations.”

For too long, offsite meetings have followed a cookie-cutter approach that makes one meeting feel identical to another, resulting in bored participants and low engagement.

New Agenda is designed to put an end to that, with a one-stop MICE service and enhanced customer experience and helps business to achieve the essential part of MICE: The spread of knowledge and professional practices and a key factor in building better understanding and relations among professionals.

The New Agenda program is built around three main elements:

A one-stop Meeting Guru to serve as a single onsite resource and point-of-contact for end-to-end event management, ensuring seamless communication, planning and execution.

A redefined approach to team-building led by Centara’s in-house team-building specialists and in partnership with the professionals at Asia Ability, to develop effective new team-building techniques and energizing activities.

Creative catering to reinforce engagement and strengthen participant involvement, with new ideas brought to life by Centara’s talented Food & Beverage teams such as “dinner in the dark” concept by having Thai dancers enter with each course with dimmed LED Candles in hand or with blindfolds provided to create an ultimate sensory experience for all guests.

New Agenda was progressively rolled out to a total of 25 operating Centara’s properties.



Elite Weddings and honeymoon specialists visit Centara Grand Hua Hin


THE TOURISM AUTHORITY OF THAILAND (TAT) staged Amazing Thailand Romance Trade Meet 2019, held for the fourth time with Centara Grand Beach Resort & Villas Hua Hin.

 The event featured some of the country’s most exclusive and discerning products for a rapidly growing market, as one the main venue highlights, led by Srisuda Wanapinyosak, TAT deputy governor of international marketing – Europe, Africa, Middle East and Americas, and David Martens, general manager and corporate director of operations, Centara Hua Hin, Krabi & Samui.

More than 70 participants from 20 countries, including the U.S., Canada, Australia, China, Hong Kong, South Korea, India, and Malaysia took part in the sessions and tours of Hua Hin, including being welcomed at Mrigadayavan Palace of Thailand’s Royal Family.

Srisuda Wanapinyosak, from TAT added: “The opening of the Mrigadayavan Palace for such exclusive private parties for pre-weddings and honeymoons is expected to be a major draw card for buyers seeking exclusive new services and products to present to their respective guests.”

Following a welcome reception, the main business events were held at the Centara Grand Beach Resort & Villas Hua Hin.

They included a briefing presentation on the Amazing Thailand Romance Market Insight by 10 keynote speakers to bring in outside perspective and share industry trends and tips to Thai sellers, and lastly, the Thailand product presentation for buyers, making for a great opportunity to enhance the positioning of Thailand as the preferred wedding and honeymoon destination among other popular choices.

David Martens from Centara Grand Hua Hin described Hua-Hin as a spectacular seaside town within just a three-hour drive from Bangkok. It serves as a good space for wedding ceremonies, with soft natural light, as it faces east, making for a great option for a beach destination wedding.

“For Centara Grand Hua Hin, the hotel itself boasts that charming old-world feel. It was restored to its original elegance of 1923. “

Centara Grand Beach Resort & Villas Hua Hin, which first opened its doors to welcome guests in the early 1920s, is regarded as one of the grand hotels of the East, with a wide expanse of gardens perfect for strolling and enjoying the sea breezes. With its perfect location in the town centre, it’s ideal for exploring and shopping, and as a prime destination for couples and families.




Centara Grand Beach Samui to undergo major update

CENTARA GRAND BEACH RESORT SAMUI is being updated and refurbished, starting this June.

The classic resort on Chaweng Beach will retain its colonial-style charm but benefit from major improvements before re-opening in 2020.

“Even a hotel with the fabled history of this one benefits from refreshed design and innovative additions,” said Thirayuth Chirathivat. CEO of Centara Hotels & Resorts.

“When you are one of Samui’s most famous properties, you don’t rest on your laurels. Delighting our guests requires creative thinking and continuous improvement.”

The resort will stay open only until June 1, 2019, then close for the renovation work.

Centara plans to redesign all rooms and suites, add luxury villas, and introduce exciting new dining concepts and services. The objective is to retain the unique, classic charm of the existing hotel, but transform it to a new level of luxury.

Centara Grand Beach Resort Samui has been welcoming guests for 23 years, during which time it has witnessed the development of the surrounding town and island into one of Thailand’s most popular holiday destinations. Thanks to its prime location, Thai-style hospitality and exceptional facilities, it has stood the test of time consistently, winning a host of international awards and proving one of the true Grande Dame hotels of Samui.



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