Six Senses Hotels Resorts Spas continues to deliver on sustainability priority

UNCOMPROMISING SUSTAINABILITY is in the soul of Six Senses Hotels Resorts Spas. Being environmentally friendly and socially responsible translates to meaningful and measurable actions.

Each year since 2012, sustainability figures are gathered from all operations. Everything, from reducing, reusing and recycling waste to farm to table goodness and sustainable food sourcing, caring for communities, house-bottled water, eliminating plastic and protecting marine ecosystems and birdlife is scrutinized.

Understandably, it takes quite a while to collect all the results. Year on year, they indicate the brand’s vision is audacious, but flourishing.

Here are the highlights from last year.

Individual properties monitor their environmental efforts and contributions to local communities was led by the group’s vice-president of sustainability Jeff Smith.

“The travel industry is growing at a rapid rate on a planet that has limited natural resources. That means all hospitality leaders have a responsibility to stand up and be accountable for making a sustainable difference and achieving measurable results, he said.

“Our health and wellness ethos is around making our guests feel better inside and out, so it makes sense for our social and environmental policies to make them feel good about their choice of vacation too.”

All of the group’s hotels and resorts participate in Cornell University’s Hotel Sustainability Benchmarking program, which compares their performance against a global dataset of their peers.

Each Six Senses resort and hotel features an Earth Lab, which promotes sustainable living in inspirational and innovative ways. The space is used to host workshops that empower guests and community members to learn about and connect more closely with the natural world.

Individual Six Senses properties manage their own Sustainability Funds with sales added directly from house-bottled water and popular stuffed animal mascots that reflect each location. Sponsored projects in 2018 totaled US $635,422.39.

Jeff Smith added: “Our aim is to eliminate our resorts of waste, toxins and plastic, and to go beyond this to make measurable positive impacts in our local ecosystems and communities.”

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