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Special Mother’s Day dinner at VIE Villas Hua Hin
Recipe of Month: Six Senses Samui Mas-sa-man Beef Curry
Recipe of the month: Grilled chicken with E-san sauce from Ratilanna Chiang Mai
Dhara Dhevi launches ‘enchanting family getaway package’
The Crowning Touch returns to VIE Bangkok May 25-28
RECIPE OF THE MONTH: Mandarin Oriental’s Vanilla chiffon
Recipe of the Month: Tom Kha Gai at Dusit Thani Bangkok
Recipe of the Month: Northern Thai Abb Pla from Anantara Chiang Mai
1-Michelin Star Chef from Paris at VIE Hotel Bangkok March 23-26
Indigenous Cocktail Recipe from Naka Island Phuket

Special Mother’s Day dinner at VIE Villas Hua Hin

VIE restaurant 

V VILLAS HUA HIN, MGALLERY BY SOFITEL will be celebrating Mother’s Day in Thailand with a very special four-course set dinner, created by visiting Chef Nicolas Basset from VIE Hotel Bangkok, MGallery by Sofitel for two days only, Aug. 12 and 13, 2016.

Nicolas Basset has traveled the world, from Brazil to Finland, absorbing various exciting culinary traditions and has enjoyed many valuable experiences while working with a number of Michelin star chefs, most recently with 1-Michelin Star Chef Julien Montbabut and 2-Michelin Star Chef Stéphane Buron during their visit at VIE Hotel Bangkok, MGallery by Sofitel.

The “Touch the Stars” four-course set dinner has been created with all the gastronomic knowhow and techniques that Chef Nicolas has acquired as well as his own skills and talents.

The menu includes such delights as assiette of asparagus, sherry, Mascarpone; pan-seared Hokkaido scallops, cauliflower, wild mushroom emulsion; Barbary Duck “Rosé”, butternut, peaches, rosemary; succulent butter-poached Maine lobster, vanilla and mascarpone risotto, bisque; and white chocolate délice, Tonka bean, pineapple & coconut for dessert.

The four-course set dinner is priced at 1,450 THB and THB 1,750 THB and includes two glasses of fine wine, per set per person. Dinner is served at 7 pm.

Advance reservations are required, more information contact the Villazzo Restaurant via 032-616039.




Recipe of Month: Six Senses Samui Mas-sa-man Beef Curry

Masaman Beef Curry

THIS MONTH’S RECIPE comes from the chefs at Six Senses Samui in the Gulf of Thailand.


85g roasted cashew nuts

400ml coconut milk

4 tbsp mas-sa-man curry

600g stewing beef cheek, cut into large chunks

450g potatoes, cut into 2½ cm chunks

1 onion, cut into thin wedges

1 cinnamon stick

1 tbsp tamarind juice

1 tbsp palm sugar

1 tbsp fish sauce


Heat 2 tbsp of coconut milk in a pan with a lid. Add the curry paste and fry for one minute. Stir in the beef and fry until well coated and sealed. Stir in the rest of the coconut with half a can of water, the potatoes, onion, cinnamon, tamarind, sugar, fish sauce and bring to a simmer. Cover and cook for 2 hours in the oven until the beef is tender.

Sprinkle with cashew nuts, fried shallot, and serve with jasmine rice.





Recipe of the month: Grilled chicken with E-san sauce from Ratilanna Chiang Mai

Grilled Chicken with E-sarn sauce

JUNE’S RECIPE OF THE MONTH comes from the chefs at Mira Terrace, RatiLanna Riverside Spa Resort, the only Thai & International style restaurant in Chiang Mai.

They’ve created a fusion dish that features chicken marinated in a sauce with local Thai E-san dipping sauce. The chicken can be substituted with Pork, beef and lamb.

Chicken Ingredients

Chicken Thigh                                 45 g

Oyster Sauce                                    5 g

Soy Sauce                                         1 tbsp

Sugar                                                 ½ tsp

Coriander Seed                               3 g

Ground chilli                                  ¼ tsp

Garlic                                                5 g

E-San Sauce Ingredients

Tamarind Concentrate                 2 tbsp

Fish Sauce                                1 tbsp

Shallot                                      2 g

Spring Onion                           5 g

Cilantro                                    5 g

Dried Rica roasted                  3 g

Dried Chilli                               5 g


Lemon Grass                            1 g

Japanese cucumber                 1 g

Red Oak                                       5 g

Cherry Tomatoes                      3 g

Parsley                                         2 g

08-Mira Restaurant_9


Mix Chicken Thigh with oyster sauce, soy sauce, sugar, coriander seed, ground chilli and garlic together then marinated the chicken for one hour.

Preheat the skewer grill oven to 180 C and grill chicken for 15 minutes.

In a small saucepan, pour fish sauce, tamarind concentrate and sugar over medium low heat. Keep stirring to dissolve the sugar. Bring it to a boil and remove from the saucepan and let it cool.

When the sauce is completely cool, add the rest of the ingredients. Mix well, and put a bit of fresh cilantro around the dish.

Take two sticks of lemon grass and stick it through the chicken and decorate with red oak, cherry tomatoes, and parsley on top.

For further information: RatiLanna Riverside Spa Resort, Chiang Mai, call 053 999 333 or e-mail: website:



Dhara Dhevi launches ‘enchanting family getaway package’

Dhara Dhevi

The Dhara Dhevi Chiang Mai has launched a specially curate family getaway package for those seeking to make the most of their time together.

Parents and children can spend quality time together and bond through Rice Planting, Thai Dancing and Thai Boxing, or have fun with activities catered to different ages.

The resort’s Lanna Kid’s Club will keep the little ones busy with entertaining indoor and outdoor activities based on their age, while parents enjoy an indulging session at The Dheva Spa and Wellness Centre. Private babysitter services can also be arranged for the youngest.

The ‘Enchanting Family Getaway package’ includes four days/three nights stay (for two adults and up to two children under the age of 12), available from now until Sept. 30, 2016 with a special price of 59,000 THB per suite for all families to enjoy the relaxed holiday.

The package includes:

Three-nights luxury accommodation in the Deluxe Colonial Suite or Deluxe Villa; complimentary one extra bed set up for child under the age of 12; daily buffet breakfast at Akaligo for two adults and two children; a Thai set dinner for two adults and two children at Le Grand Lanna; kids’ meals when dining with the parents from kids’ menu; 60 minutes of traditional spa treatment for two adults at The Dheva Spa and Wellness Centre; complimentary Thai dance class or Thai boxing class for two children; private rice planting experience for the entire family; and roundtrip transfer from/to Chiang Mai International Airport.

The package is subject to a minimum three-night stay. Advance reservation is required and booking must be made directly with the hotel. Reservation is subject to room availability at the time of booking. The offer cannot be used in conjunction with other promotions.


The Crowning Touch returns to VIE Bangkok May 25-28

Menu by 2-Michelin Star Chef Stephane Buron (3)

2-Michelin Star Chef Stephane BuronTHE MASTER RETURNS to La VIE – Creative French Cuisine in VIE Hotel Bangkok – 2-Michelin Star Chef Stéphane Buron will be displaying his unique skills for four days – from May 25-28, 2016.

Stéphane Buron bears the Meilleurs Ouvriers de France, the highest and most prestigious award amongst all professional craftsmen in France. Only those who have earned it are allowed to wear the red, white and blue collar, which is its respected symbol.

Chef Stéphane has also been named the Best French Professional and is well known as the “Crowning Touch” of acclaimed Le Chabichou, the oldest and most distinguished hotel in the village of Courchevel, one of the world’s most luxurious ski resorts, located high in the French Alps, an exclusive retreat of royalty, VIPs and celebrities.

Stéphane Buron’s cooking is inventive, refined and generous. He utilizes the fresh and natural, seasonal products throughout all four seasons in the Alps.

In his May appearance, he will be offering his newest 7-course dinner menu. Dinner is served at 7 p.m.

Cost of the 7-Course Set Dinner is priced at 6,000 THB per person and 7-Course Set Dinner with wine pairing, 8,000 THB.

For more details and reservations:call: 083-8204224 or E-mail:, or 081-910028 or E-mail:




RECIPE OF THE MONTH: Mandarin Oriental’s Vanilla chiffon

Vanilla Chiffon Cake 2

This month’s recipe comes from the chefs at Mandarin Oriental in Bangkok. It has a great name — Vanilla chiffon cake with coconut mousse, mango sorbet and toasted hazelnuts – and serves six people


For the Vanilla chiffon cake

285 gr                                   Sifted cake flour

300 gr                                  White sugar

15 gr                                       Baking powder

6 gr                                         Salt

120 ml                                   Vegetable oil

7 pieces                                 Egg yolks

180 ml                                   Cold water

2 pieces                                 Bourbon vanilla beans

5 ml                                        Lemon juice

7 ea                                         Egg whites

2 g                                          Cream of tartar

For the Coconut foam

400 gr                                    Coconut milk

100 gr                                    Sugar

3     gr                                     Xantana

For the Hazelnut powder

150 gr                                   Dark roasted hazelnut

For the Mango sorbet

400 gr                                    Peeled mango meat

100 gr                                    Sugar

20   gr                                     Lemon juice

For the Garnish

4 ea                                         Mint leaves

5 ea                                         Edible flowers

20 gr                                       Toasted coconut powder

 Mandarfin Oriental


For the Vanilla chiffon cake

Place flour, sugar, baking powder, and salt into a mixing bowl. Mix well and add oil, egg yolks, water, vanilla seed and lemon juice and continue to mix. Beat cream and egg white until stiff and set aside.

Beat egg yolk until smooth and light and pour gradually over egg whites, folding in with rubber spatula.

Pour batter mix in rectangular pan.

Bake for 45 minutes at 175 degrees Celsius until done.

For the Coconut espuma foam

Bring coconut milk and sugar to a boil.

Take the blender and blend in the xantana.

Cool down completely.

Pure the mix into the bottle and close tight. Load bottle with one CO2 bomb. shake and set aside in refrigerator.

For the Hazelnut powder

Toast the hazelnut in a 180 c decree oven and set aside.

For Mango sorbet

Place fresh mango in a food processor and blend until smooth.

Add lemon juice and continue to blend

Remove from the blender put in a pot on medium heat and warm up the mixture.

When boiling add the sugar and continue to simmer for one more minute.

Set aside and cool.

When the Mango mixtures is cold put in to an ice cream machine and let it turn until frozen.

To assemble

Cut the vanilla chiffon in to rectangular cubes pieces and set aside.

Place chiffon cake on the side of deep bowl.

Place coconut espuma in the bowl with the espuma in and circular motion until the rim of the plate.

Place the toasted hazelnut power and make a liner going across the plate and over the plate rim.

Decorate on the line with the meringue stubs, edible flower, green mint leaves and small dices of the vanilla chiffon cake.

Make a nice quenelle of mango sorbet and place on top of the espuma.

Recipe of the Month: Tom Kha Gai at Dusit Thani Bangkok

Benjarong - Tom Kha Gai

THIS MONTH’S RECIPE comes from the chefs at Benjarong Restaurant, Dusit Thani Hotel Bangkok, where spa treatments are based on an ancient Thai story.

The ingredients:

150 grams of chicken breast

500 cups of coconut milk

500 milliliters of chicken stock

100 grams of galangal, peeled and sliced

10 kaffir lime leaves

40 grams of coriander root

100 lemongrass

6 kaffir lime leaves, tear into small pieces

100 grams Shimeji mushrooms, cut in half

100 grams Thai shallot

10 grams Bird Eye chili

1 tablespoon of palm sugar

2 tablespoons of lime juice

1 teaspoon of fish sauce

5 grams butter

2 coriander leaves

Dusit Thani Bangkok Benjarong - Interior 1.jpgPreparing Chicken Breast

  • Clean the chicken breast and take out off the skin.
  • Put the chicken breast in vacuum bag add some butter and sous vide at 68 C for one a half hour, then slice.

Making the Tom Kha Soup

  • Add coconut milk and chicken stock into the pot. Using a medium heat until boiling.
  • Add galangal, lemongrass and kaffir lime leaves into the pot about five minutes until the herb aroma is released.Season with fish sauce, palm sugar, lime juice and bird eye chili.
  • Place the cooked Shimeji mushrooms and Thai shallot into the bowl then the sliced sous vide chicken breast and coriander leaves.
  • Add Shimeji mushrooms and Thai shallot and keep boiling until cooked.
  • Pour the boiling soup into the chicken bowl and serve with steamed rice.


Recipe of the Month: Northern Thai Abb Pla from Anantara Chiang Mai

Northern Thai Abb Pla

ONE OF THE FAVOURITE dishes at Anantara Chiang Mai Resort & Spa is Northern Thai Abb Pla or grilled herb and spice marinated fish in banana leaves.

Thai cuisine’s seafood specialties are most often associated with tropical islands and coastal regions – yet the country’s vast lush interior features fish abundant lakes, rivers and shallow water rice paddies.

Abb Pla is a northern Thai specialty fish dish and a culinary tradition of rice farmers. While cultivating the rice fields, farmers catch fish in the irrigated paddies.

Once cleaned, the fish is marinated in Thai herbs and spices, then wrapped in banana leaves and cooked on top of burning wood, making this recipe very convenient for rice farmers to source and prepare.

At Anantara Chiang Mai Resort & Spa, guests can savour this flavourful fish dish in a naturally serene waterfront setting, at a restaurant overlooking the Mae Ping River.

Ingredients for Curry Paste

5g   Dry chili, 10g Shallots, 10g Garlic, 5g  Turmeric, 10g Lemongrass, 10g Galangal, 1/2 tsp Salt, 1/2 tsp Shrimp paste.

Mash all the marinated ingredients together (roughly)

Main Ingredients

200g   Red snapper fillets, 2tbs Soy sauce, 5g  Coriander, 5g  Spring onion, 2 Kaffir lime leaves and 1  Banana leaf (square piece)


Mix all of the curry paste ingredients and put in a blender to create a smooth paste; Marinate the fish in the curry paste and soy sauce, then keep in the fridge for about 20 minutes; Chop the coriander, kaffir lime leaves and spring onion and sprinkle over the marinated fish; Cut the banana leaf into a square, put the fish on top, fold into a parcel and secure the top together with a small bamboo stick; Grill the leaf wrapped fish on a low heat until the leaf turns yellow and a little burnt.

 Serve with sticky rice, fresh vegetables, cucumber and string beans.

Anantara Wine Guru’s recommended drinks: Chardonnay Sanderford Element, Western Australia and Sensi Pinot Grigio Collezione Veneto, Italy.





1-Michelin Star Chef from Paris at VIE Hotel Bangkok March 23-26

Chef Julien Montbabut

ONE-MICHELIN STAR Chef Julien Montbabut will be offering a special six-course dinner at La VIECreative French Cuisine at VIE Hotel Bangkok from March 23-26.

Julien is the head chef of Le Restaurant, a popular dining spot for local and international celebrities at well known L’Hotel in Paris, where he has become a master at creating incomparable juices, sauces and seasonings.

Dinner starts at 7 p.m. each day. Cost of the six-course set dinner is priced at 5,000 THB per person. The six-course set dinner with wine pairing is priced at 7,000 THB per person.

The dinner starts with a variety of snacks –tile rice and mussels with curry, tube crispy dried porcini mushrooms and parsley, orange tart and campari; followed by cucumber – horseradish emulsified milk delicate jelly, smoked eel and Norway lobster – sour cream marinated à la minute, radish.

Main dishes feature a choice of sea bass – juice of fish bones cooked on the skin, sweet & bitter salad or morel – parisian mushroom bouillon stew, jura wine sabayon or farm pigeon – devil sauce roasted on the chest, varieties of cabbage desserts include Arlette – vanilla diplomat cream baked apple puffed raisins; lemon – Italian meringue on a biscuit, creamy and zesty petit fours – truffle chocolate and coffee; marshmallow poppy and poppy sandy diamond and caramel.









Indigenous Cocktail Recipe from Naka Island Phuket

NakaIsland_Cocktail Recipe

The Naka Coco Rum is Naka Island, a Luxury Collection Resort & Spa’s signature cocktail, served with a whole coconut fruit. It is a perfect mix of tropical flavors; banana and coconut juice with Chalong Bay Rum, an indigenous blend of Phuket.

One Serving


45ml               Chalong Bay Rum              1.5oz

15ml               Malibu                                  1/2oz

15ml               Triple sec                              1/2oz

150g.              Banana                                  1 piece

1                      Young Coconut Meat        1 unit


Blend all the ingredients. And arrange a coconut fruit and pour the drink into coconut. Serve chilled.


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