Meeting Baby Boomer expectations
Anantara’s Pachyderms & Polo Package
Elephant Polo Reporter Competition
Mandarin Oriental adds wellness package
A fantasy honeymoon with a customized gift registry
Banyan Tree Academy celebrates 10th anniversary
Forget the 135 candles …
Toiletries inspired by Chinese five elements
Choosing the right spa for you
Peninsula Bangkok adds exclusive new facial

Meeting Baby Boomer expectations

Andrew Jacka, president of the Thai Spa Association, is the first to agree. The spa industry is not ready to deal with the next big wave in Baby Boomer expectations.

The first Baby Boomers are already into their retirement years and many are suffering from the diseases that affect the aged – heart/stroke problems, cancer, diabetes. This trend will accelerate over the next 10 years.

Catering to the gray market is one of the items the Thai Spa Association will be considering at its meeting in October and Andrew has high hopes that “a real start” will be made at this session.

Stairs, at many of the resort spas, are part of the challenge, especially for seniors with hip or heart problems. “Steps are very much an Asian thing,” he observed. “Asians like steps, the more, the better.”

Asia doesn’t have a building code, as do many countries in the West, which provide for disability access, although in Thailand, he added, we’re beginning to see more spas on a single level.

“But it’s very much in its infancy and has a long way to go before we can say that spas are friendly for the aged.”

The industry has already begun to realize this. In Thailand, you can see it in the attitude of senior industry people and even among the younger people coming into the industry who have a different mindset.

“It’s reasonable to assume that over the next few years, we’ll see significant changes in the way these things are approached – with people looking at it with a long-term perspective and in terms of its business potential. It’s a special market with needs that have to be addressed.

“That includes treatments. They will have to evolve to deal with these demands – with a greater emphasis on the medical side than ever before.”

The global industry has been talking about the growth in medical spas for some time. This growth hasn’t materialized in Asia yet but that, he adds, is about to change – if the industry hopes to cater to an aging population.

In Thailand, the industry has been heavily focused on pampering, based on what clients want at most Thai spas.

“But wellness is coming. Some hotel spas are starting to move it forward in a big way. But for the moment, it’s still seen as a marketing term more than a level of reality,” he said.

In Thailand, it’s also caught the eye of property developers, who are talking about developing residential complexes with a destination type spa and a medical facility within them.

Anantara’s Pachyderms & Polo Package

Anantara Hua Hin is offering a special package to guests who would like to attend the 10th anniversary of the King’s Cup Elephant Polo Charity Tournament from Sept. 4-11, 2011.

Prices start from BHT 79,000 and include: Accommodation in a premium or lagoon room or an Anantara suite; daily breakfast for two; VIP access to all areas; daily light lunch on the elephant pitch; round-trip transfers between the hotel and the pitch; special elephant polo shirt; photos with players and elephantsw on the pitch and one mini spa treatment at the pitch.

Elephant Polo Reporter Competition

Anantara Hotels, Resorts and Spas is looking for a young reporter – and by young, they mean someone between 7 and 15 years old – to cover the King’s Cup Elephant Polo Tournament planned for Hua Hin, Thailand, from Sept 4-11, 2011.

This is the 10th anniversary of the international event and the competition to find a young reporter to cover the event is part of this year’s celebrations.

The winner – and an accompanying adult — will not only have an opportunity to report on the week-long event but receive an all-expenses paid, seven-night stay at Anantara Hua Hin.

To enter, go to www.facebook,com/anantara,press. Press like and then go to Share on the main wall. Click Video, where you have a chance to record a video with your webcam or upload a pre-prepared video and tell Anantara why you should be chosen as Anantara’s roving elephant reporter.


Mandarin Oriental adds wellness package

Mandarin Oriental Bangkok and one of Bangkok’s premier executive health clinics have teamed up to offer a Wellness Retreat Relaxation package.

The package includes luxury accommodation at Mandarin Oriental (a superior riverside room or at different rates, an authors’ suite); return limousine transfers with fast track arrival assistance; daily limousine transfer to and from the selected executive health clinic; daily breakfast for two at Riverside Terrace; a customized dietary dinner for two at the Sala Rim Naam Thai restaurant; and one signature spa treatment for two.

All medical screening programs are conducted in selected leading hospitals in Bangkok – with the involvement of European centres of excellence, and, in conjunction with the Centre of Cardiovascular Prevention at Ferrara, Italy.

For further details – www.ceo.health.com/oriental/oriental.html.

A fantasy honeymoon with a customized gift registry

It’s called the Anantara Honeymoon Registry is it’s being offered at five Ana Tara resorts in Thailand and three Ananatara resorts in the Maldives.

In developing the concept, Anantara Hotels, Resorts and Spas partnered with Honeymoon Wishes, founded in 2003 by Kristin Stark and her now husband, Lee Cornwell.

Kristin envisaged a bridal registry that focused on honeymoon gifts and experiences couples would remember all their lives.

What kind of gifts? A bottle of chilled French Champagne delivered to the newlyweds’ room; a room upgrade offering memorable views and superior amenities; water sports – learning to swim; local cooking classes so that they can recreate their favorite dishes on returning home; a signature treatment or package at Ana Tara Spa and a Dining by Design night at a secluded location, complete with your own personal chef and private butler service.

Signing up is really easy and free – www.Anantara.HoneymoonWishes.com.

Couples begin the process by browsing sample registries for suggestions before customizing their own personal honeymoon registry of items and activities as wedding gifts.

The package also includes a complimentary wedding website that includes a section for photos, blogging and even tracking RSVPs.

The five Thailand resorts selected:

Anantara Lawana Resort and Spa, edging Koh Samui’s famous beach and offering sensational sea views; Anantara Bophut, also on Koh Samui, where honeymooners can take a sunset cruise across the Gulf of Siam;  at Anantara Phuket Villas, newlyweds can take advantage of professional sailing lesson; a surreal scuba experience in the Andalman Sea around Anantara Si Kao Resort and Spa; and at Anantara Golden Triangle Resort and Spa, honeymooners arrive by traditional longtail boat along the Mekong River, followed by an elephant trek to the hilltop resort.

For more information – Puri@registrygifts.com

Banyan Tree Academy celebrates 10th anniversary

Banyan Tree is launching its exclusive Touch of Wellness courses to mark the 10th anniversary of the opening of its spa academy is Phuket.

Its Touch of Wellness program is designed specifically for guests and offers a series of wellness lesions for pampering yourself and loved ones and features seven massage and treatment courses – led by an experienced Banyan Tree therapist.

These include: Couple massage, foot relief, face and head massage, massaging your parents and massaging your children, self-massage and beauty basics.

These courses are available for 2,000 bhat plus per person for the two-hour session.

The Banyan Tree Spa Academy, the first of its kind in Thailand, was established in May 2001 to train therapists for both Banyan Tree and Angsana Spas world-wide. It is recognized as one of the best training programs in the industry.

The academy was founded for two reasons – to meet the demands of Banyan Tree Spas’ rapid world-wide expansion and to enable Banyan Tree Spas to formalize their unique school of thought and maintain its leadership in the spa industry. It is equipped to conduct a comprehensive training course and can accommodate up to trainees at one time. It turns out a maximum of 40 students per course.

Training rooms containing massage beds are used for hands-on training in massage, beauty and hair treatments. Other facilities include a computer centre and a centre for English learning.

The training program encompasses all areas of spa therapy – human anatomy knowledge, important pressure points, modern and traditional massage techniques, body weight variations, beauty treatments, properties of herbs and spices, application of spa ingredients, knowledge of skin epidermis and facial applications.

Banyan Tree set up a second spa academy in 2003 in Bintan, Indonesia, where it is licensed by Indonesia’s Ministry of Education; and its Lijiang Academy in 2007 to train Chinese spa therapists. In Thailand, the academy is accredited by the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Public Health.

It has trained more than 1,300 therapists since it was founded.

Therapists who display great attitude, talent and aptitude are identified early and have the opportunity to become a spa manager. Outstanding therapists are chosen to undergo further training under Banyan Tree’s unique therapist fast track program, where they are groomed to move up the ranks to become senior therapists and management program trainers, where potential leaders are identified and trained to take on management roles within two years.

Banyan Tree’s selection criteria for therapists centre on intuitive touch and skills and attitude, sensitivity and enthusiasm.

Like the sacred tree which inspired its name, Banyan Tree offers guests a “sanctuary for the senses – a high-touch, low-tech approach that celebrates the human touch and the use of natural herbs and spices”.

It was the first luxury oriental spa in Asia when it first opened in Puket in 1994, re-introducing an exotic blend of time-tested Asian healing therapies and beauty remedies.

Angsana Spa complements Banyan Tree Spa with its treatments, inspiring guests to live life spontaneously and savour time. Its blend of treatments emphasize the use of native flowers and fruits.

To date, Banyan Tree Spa owns and manages over 60 spas in almost 30 countries under the Banyan Tree Spa, Angsana Spa and Elements Spa by Banyan Tree brands.

Forget the 135 candles …

Instead, Mandarin Oriental in Bangkok has launched a special residential experience package as part of its 135th anniversary celebrations.

The seven-night package includes one free night; accommodation in a luxury room with personal butler service; daily breakfast; daily Internet access; early check-in and late check-out; set dinner for two at Sala Rim Naam Thai restaurant; set lunch for two at Le Normandie French restaurant; a one-hour spa experience for two; and a 135th anniversary memento.

The Mandarin Oriental Bangkok sits on the banks of the Chao Phraya River. It is one of the oldest and finest hotels in Bangkok and a favourite of royals, heads of state, the rich and famous and literary greats from all over the world since it opened in 1876.

Toiletries inspired by Chinese five elements

Banyan Tree Gallery, Banyan Tree Spa’s retail arm, has developed a new range of spa toiletries inspired by the Banyan Tree Spa;s Chinese five elements.

The elements — gold, wood, water, fire and earth  –- are incorporated in Banyan Tree Spa’s treatments. They symbolize the life forces on earth and reflect the yin and yang – the opposing states of nature. With the union of the yin and the yang, they form the main roots in the ancient Chinese tree of well-being and act as a guide for the proper application of traditional Chinese herbal remedies.

 Each five elements range suits different skin types and consist of a shower gel, bath foam, scrub and body lotion.

 Gold represents the state of purification and consolidation. It sits in the west and symbolizes wealth and prosperity and is characterized by radiance. Autumn is the season linked with gold and is suitable for oily or combination skin.

 Wood is associated with spring, when new life begins and hibernation ends. It is the start of the Yang energy and is characterized by growth and renewal, Suitable for mature skin.

 Water, associated with winter and extreme Yin, is a cooling formula, suitable for dry skin,  It is characterized as a season of rest and stillness and is positioned north among the five elements. It is meditative and gentle, and in Feng Shui, it is used to promote wealth and good luck.

 Fire, the strongest of the five elements, is associated with vitality and hot summer. It is the most energetic and is represented by the color red. It is also used to counter the excessive heat and is suitable for oily skin.

 Earth represents optimum balance. It sits at the centre, regulating and nourishing the five elements. Earth is also the pivot of the cycle, symbolizing late summer when the yang energies of spring and summer transform the yin energies of autumn and winter. It is suitable for oily or combination skin.

 Three new collections based on Banyan Tree’s popular treatments

Three new lines, based on Three of Banyan Tree’s popular treatments, are being launched by Banyan Tree that cleans, refresh and moisturize the hair and skin and keep it healthy and radiant.

The three collections feature unique formulae that use tropical fruits, spices and greens – Ginger and Lemon Collection, Pineapple and Coconut Collection and the yoghurt and Cucumber Collection.

 Angsana offers new home care collection 

Angsana Spas has lau8nched a new line of antioxidant and moisture-rich products for spa lovers who would like to recreate the Angsana experience at home.

There are four collections – apple and paprika, avocado and almond, banana and milk, and honey and tamarind – are made with unique combinations of fruits and spices.

The new collections are available at Banyan Tree and Angsana galleries in Bangkok and Phuket.


Choosing the right spa for you

It’s a question of expectations and using your expectations to help you decide, says Odile Mennechet, international trainer for Maria Galland, Paris.  In fact, she suggests visiting three or four spas before making your decision.

“The most important thing – when you enter a spa for the first time – is the atmosphere. You should feel good about it . . . and feel it.”

That depends on a number of things, especially the hygiene of the spa. “If everything is clean, you can be sure that the spa is professional and a guarantee that you won’t have any problems.”

The cleanliness applies to everything in the spa, including the one-time use of gloves used in treatments and the quality of oil the spa uses in its massages. For relaxation, it’s better to have one that uses quality massage oil. Usually, this oil contains an essential oil, which helps you to relax.

Not all massage oils are the same and some work better with massages than others. Some, says Odile, are extracted from paraffin oil. They’re good but don’t expect them to penetrate the skin.

 “There’s a higher quality of oil without paraffin that’s not only good for massages but also penetrates to the dermis.”

 Maria Galland, she adds, has three types of oil. These include an oil, based on algae that’s full of trace elements and minerals that are important to your body. Another is good for firming that’s effective in slimming treatments. “Great for individuals who may be dieting but not having any results.”

 The image of the spa, she says, is ultimately based on the professionalism of the staff. In a good spa, the therapist will make the time to understand what you want and explain what they do.

 “It’s important for you to ask questions about the products and even the techniques they use as well as what equipment the spas use.”

When it comes down to expectations, make sure they’re realistic. “Don’t expect to have fantastic results on only one visit to a spa. It may require a number of visits and treatments to achieve the results you want.”

Peninsula Bangkok adds exclusive new facial

 The Peninsula in Bangkok has introduced a new treatment – a cellular hydration facial – designed to rejuvenate dry and dehydrated skin.

The cellular hydration facial is exclusive to the Peninsula Spa by ESPA, lasts 80 minutes and combines three cleansers with exfoliation and steam designed to boost nutrients and deliver oxygen to the skin by stimulating circulation.

 The facial is a concentrated, nourishing and moisture-boosting treatment that uses replenishing face treatment oils, its “super active hydration intensive serum”, a lifting and firming eye serum and a nurturing mask. A warm therapeutic herbal poultice is also included.

 The Peninsula Spa by ESPA forms part of the hotel’s three-storey Thai colonial-style building. It has 14 treatment rooms and four suites – two private spa suites and two river private spa suites – as well as a tea lounge and relaxation rooms.

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