Six Senses Raceweek 2011 in Phuket
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Why Thailand? Why Spas? I put that question to a number of spa professionals on a recent tour of Thai spas and I still don’t have a simple explanation, other than there is a special connection that doesn;t quite exist elsewhere. Everyone had an answer but not one that really clicked in my head. For some it was the geography, the landscape, the architecture, the warm azure waters of the Gulf of Thailand,  and for others, the Thai people and a sense of kindness, a genuine desire to give from the heart and a deep-rooted Buddhist belief of being of service to others.

It’s all those things. And more. Whatever it is, it’s real, even if you can’t quite put your finger it, For one spa manager, it was something more tangible. You can get the same treatments just about anywhere. “Guests tell us, it’s the special touch of their therapist and looking up at the face of someone who loves what they do . . . someone who’s always smiling.”

Six Senses Raceweek 2011 in Phuket

Six Senses Raceweek 2011 in Phuket

If you’re going to Phuket this summer, make it July 20-14 for Six Senses Phuket Raceweek 2011. The annual event features four days of international standard yacht racing off Phuket’s east coast and five nights of parties and entertainment at Evanson & Bon Island Resort in Rawai.

Evason is part of Six Senses portfolio of properties.

The regatta has just been voted “Best Asian Regatta 2011” at the annual Asia Boating Awards in Hong Kong. It is the only second of Thailand’s six regattas to receive this award.

“Six Senses is delighted to continue its close relationship with Phuket Raceweek and we are pleased it has gained international recognition as the region’s most entertaining multi-hull sailing event,” said John Philipson, Six Senses Resorts and Spas managing director, Thailand.

Dee Caffari, Six Senses ambassador, a well known yachting personality, will also be on hand for this year’s event. Dee became the first woman to sail solo, non stop, around the world against prevailing winds and currents. She was awarded an MBE in recognition for her achievement.

Among leading entries confirmed to date are first-timers, lead bvy David Rose’s new Ker40 pure racing yacht, which will debut at Phuket Raceweek.

Evason Phuket @ Bon Island has a limited number of Phuket Raceweek packages available to spectators and competitors at special rates. For further information – reservationsphuket@sixsesnses.com

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