Choosing the right spa for you

It’s a question of expectations and using your expectations to help you decide, says Odile Mennechet, international trainer for Maria Galland, Paris.  In fact, she suggests visiting three or four spas before making your decision.

“The most important thing – when you enter a spa for the first time – is the atmosphere. You should feel good about it . . . and feel it.”

That depends on a number of things, especially the hygiene of the spa. “If everything is clean, you can be sure that the spa is professional and a guarantee that you won’t have any problems.”

The cleanliness applies to everything in the spa, including the one-time use of gloves used in treatments and the quality of oil the spa uses in its massages. For relaxation, it’s better to have one that uses quality massage oil. Usually, this oil contains an essential oil, which helps you to relax.

Not all massage oils are the same and some work better with massages than others. Some, says Odile, are extracted from paraffin oil. They’re good but don’t expect them to penetrate the skin.

 “There’s a higher quality of oil without paraffin that’s not only good for massages but also penetrates to the dermis.”

 Maria Galland, she adds, has three types of oil. These include an oil, based on algae that’s full of trace elements and minerals that are important to your body. Another is good for firming that’s effective in slimming treatments. “Great for individuals who may be dieting but not having any results.”

 The image of the spa, she says, is ultimately based on the professionalism of the staff. In a good spa, the therapist will make the time to understand what you want and explain what they do.

 “It’s important for you to ask questions about the products and even the techniques they use as well as what equipment the spas use.”

When it comes down to expectations, make sure they’re realistic. “Don’t expect to have fantastic results on only one visit to a spa. It may require a number of visits and treatments to achieve the results you want.”

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