‘Travel and Tourism needs to do more’

CONSIDER THIS: Tourism does do much good for sustainability. If it weren’t for tourism, most of the fantastic reserves in South Africa or Nambia would be mines or farms. The land would go to waste. It would be stripped of lumber. Animals would be killed or eaten.

The thing we can do as individuals is to try to make tourism sustainable. Six Senses has a voice within the travel and tourism industry and we want to use our voice to encourage every level of the industry to be more sustainable in its choices. The travel and tourism industry needs to do more. We want our findings to reach the heart of the industry, going right back to investment and development stages.

The comment comes from Sonu Shivdasani, CEO and chairman of Six Senses, talking about the third SLOWLIFE Symposium, where he will be one of the featured speakers. Six Senses will be host to the symposium, to be held at Soneva Fushi, Maldives, Oct. 6-9.

The symposium will be attracting world-leading thinkers, policy makers and business leaders as well as government ministers. They will be confronting the principal challenges facing the travel and tourism industry, including low-carbon infrastructure, transportation, resort management and threatened biodiversity.

Attendees will also be discussing ways that the tourism industry, small islands and tropical states can join forces to mutually secure prosperous and sustainable economic futures.

Adds Jonathon Porritt, founder and director, Forum for the Future, SLOWLIFE Symposium: “I suspect we all believe the very idea of a sustainable future for mankind may well depend on this industry than on any other.”

Other speakers include: David de Rothschild, adventurer and environmentalist; President Nasheed of the Maldives; Jean Ballandras, secretary-general for the Reunion Islands: Tim Smit, co-founder and CEO, Eden Project; Fabien Cousteau, grandson of Jacques Cousteau and founder of Plant A Fish; Chris Gorrell-Barnes of Blue Foundation; and Mark Lynas, author and climate change adviser to President Nasheed.

Sonu Shivdasani has a number of other goals for the next decade. These include: Recognition of Six Senses properties as the top 10 best places to work worldwide and creating the Six Senses Foundation to manage the group;s philanthropic endeavors.

One developing community was recently given a wind turbine to reduce dependence on traditional power sources. Six Senses also has strong community programs in every location in which it operates.

You can join the symposium online at www.slowlifesymposium.com (live from early September) or via Twitter @SLOWLIFEsym.

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