The colon hyrotherapy advantage

By Dr. Pakpilai Thavisin

 Dr. Pakpilai Thavisin is president of S Medical Spa and MD, esthetic dermatology and anti-ageing medicine Dr. Pakpilai created S Medical Spa six years ago to offer a haven of serenity where Western Medicine is combined with Eastern therapies for a one stop service for optimizing your health, appearance and well-being of both body and mind.

Colon hydrotherapy or colon detoxification is one of the most popular detoxification methods practised by many. It is the most effective way to remove toxins from our body.

It helps eliminate the waste materials that have been accumulated in our digestive system over many years. Most of the waste stuck comes from what we eat every day. Of course our lifestyle does influence how our body looks on the inside.

For instance, if somebody eats a lot of junk food and drinks alcohol regularly, the waste stuck in his/her bowel will be far more considerable than the waste stuck in the digestive system of somebody following a raw food diet, rich in fiber with no caffeine or dairy products.

We refer to the waste stuck in our colon as mucoid plaques, these plagues are toxic substances that stubbornly stick to our linings of our intestinal wall. Our daily excretion of waste does not help removing those plagues.

The problem of having this waste stuck in that area is that the toxins are reabsorbed back into our bloodstream. Once in our bloodstream they can cause inflammations such as acne, migraines, allergies, painful menstruations and even muscle and joint pain.

Colon hydrotherapy is the ultimate most effective treatment to safely remove these toxic substances from the colon. Once the body is purified, it will help improve the complexion, restore internal energy and balance over-all health, making you feel refreshed and revitalized.

Detoxification programs should always be under close supervision of a doctor and a registered specialized nurse. The programs normally start, besides the consultation with the doctor, with aroma herbal steam, a soothing treatment for skin and respiratory detoxification. After the colon hydrotherapy the patients feel fresh, light and look forward to repeating the experience.

At S Medical Spa they combine colon hydrotherapy with a range of detoxifying spa treatments for a whole body detoxification experience.

If you have muscle or joint pain, migraines, acne or skin problems, digestive problems or allergies think about colon hydrotherapy.

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