Soneva’s pioneering Ayurvedic package


SONEVA RESORTS is offering three new wellness programs, including a pioneering Ayurvedic package, tailored exclusively to the tensions, tastes and body type, or dosha, of each guest. Prices start at $2,820 for five days.

The wellness program features three specific programs:

Ayurvedic Wellness — Organic, calorie-counted Ayurvedic cuisine, consultations, advice, Ayurvedic spa treatments, fused with yoga and meditation.

Sleep Well & De-Stress — Organic menus, carefully selected spa treatments plus the opportunity for personalized yoga and meditation sessions.

Weight Loss/Detox — Addresses every challenge, both physical and emotional, presented in the complicated business of losing weight. These include Puriti detox treatments, yogic Intestinal cleanses, reams of simple nutritional information and expert consultations from the Six Senses Spa team.

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