Six Senses Spa in Bangkok introduces health-benefiting lighting system

Six Senses Nap_room

SIX SENSES SPA at the Pacific City Club, Bangkok is the official launch setting of Definitely Digital Good Night light and Awake & Alert light. Visitors will be invited to experience the Good Night light in the nap room of the spa, where the benefits can be felt in only 15 minutes.

Six Senses is the first spa and hospitality company to feature this new lighting technology. Awake & Alert bulbs will be installed in all Six Senses gyms and exercise rooms. It is currently in a global rollout through their 26 Six Senses Spas and nine operating resorts.

The hosts of Six Senses will also benefit from the comfort and well being offered by the technology as the bulbs are implemented in offices and host areas of Six Senses resorts and spas.

LED lighting has always been among the best for energy efficiency and extended life time but scientists at Lighting Science are now able to use the unique physics of LED lighting to eliminate wave lengths of light proven by medical research to be bad for our health but present in almost every other source of electric lighting.

Six Senses is spearheading the worldwide implementation of this unique technology to enhance the comfort of its guests.

The breakthrough innovative LED biologically-corrected Definity Digital Good Night lighting solution by Lighting Science, one of the largest LED manufacturers in the world, works with the body’s natural melatonin through a proprietary technology that emits less ‘blue’ light than other light sources. The result is a better night’s sleep and enhanced relaxation for guests.

The Good Night light bulb uses technology developed for the NASA and the International Space Station to enable astronauts to naturally manage their circadian rhythms rather than depending on chemical sleep aids.

Utilizing similar patented technology , Lighting Science has also developed a companion light called the Definity Digital Awake & Alert light bulb. It enhances the body’s natural alertness, and is appropriate for everyday use in the morning and for Seasonal Effective Disorder (SAD) and Delayed Sleep Phase Order (DSPD).

Six Senses is also the launch platform for Lighting Science, another portfolio company of Pegasus Capital Advisors, LP, a private equity firm committed to sustainability and wellness.

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