SALA Phuket fitness workshop this weekend

SALA Phuket

SALA PHUKET RESORT AND SPA has enlisted the assistance of two of its SALA Active Triathlon race team competitors to conduct an introductory fitness workshop for guests over four mornings from April 5 to 8. The classes are complimentary and all participants are invited to join, regardless of fitness level.

Meet your Trainers: Lyndsey Fraser – Born in Scotland, Lyndsey has extensive background in fitness and physical training through her experience as a PTI in the British Army. She holds a degree with a specialization in physical education, and is currently the reigning U30 champion for the Phuket Challenge 70.3 half ironman.

Andrew Ross – Originally from Canada, Andrew oversees the physical education program at the American School of Bangkok. He has played international rugby and is trained by the American College of Sports Medicine as a strength and conditioning coach. He has a Masters in Physiology and is certified Kinesiologist that can help with your nutritional and fitness-based needs.

On Saturday, April 5, a “Bootcamp” style workout with Coach Lyndsey. She will take you through a variety of movements to get your blood flowing and your heart rate up to start your morning off the right way. On Sunday April 6, interval training on the beach with a spectacular view of the coast of Phuket against the background of the Andaman sea.

On Monday April 7 is Buddy Bootcamp Day. Bring a buddy or come on out and make a new one in the buddy bootcamp. You will be required to do multiple exercises that will require you to work together with a partner in order to get maximum benefits. All with a stunning view of the Andaman Sea while getting a great start to your morning.

Tuesday April 8 is devoted to H.I.T.T. Training (High Intensity Interval Training). Wake up with a quick and vigorous workout to get your engine running for the day.

For bookings, call 66-7633 8888.



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