SLOW LIFE Symposium 2014: Ground rules for tomorrow’s capitalism

Soneva slow life group

THE 2014 SLOW LIFE SYMPOSIUM at Soneva Fushi will explore and scale initiatives like “Natural Capital” and “Social Capital” to shape the ground rules for tomorrow’s capitalism. N

ow in its fifth year, the conference brings together a group of 30 eminent representatives from the global world of business, science, travel and education for a four day symposium (Nov. 13-16) and promises to provide an environment for collaboration with some of the world’s most influential minds.

Johan Rockström, executive director, Stockholm Resilience Centre, organized by the SLOW LIFE Foundation and backed by the Soneva Group, the symposium’s express aim is to forge new partnerships and collaborations for the year ahead.

The event acts as a hub where business leaders, scientists, NGOs, academics and policy makers discuss key issues. This year these issues will include food, farming, fishing, the health of the oceans and the role of finance and philanthropy in scaling solutions globally.

During the event, attendees will look to explore the following questions:

How can financial and economic systems place our world on a more sustainable footing?

How do we balance the often-competing needs of different stakeholders when it comes to land use?

How can innovation in governance and investment improve and cement our oceans’ long-term health?

How can we promote sustainable fisheries and reef restoration in the Maldives?

How can we increase the proportion of philanthropic funds dedicated to environmental causes?

For the second time, the event will be chaired by Jonathon Porritt, founder/director of Forum for the Future, and an original pioneer of sustainable business, who said: “This unique event brings together an extraordinary group of people who believe in the necessity of action, and it’s an absolute privilege to have been asked to be host again this year, particularly as last year was such an inspiration. The incredible investment by the SLOW LIFE Foundation allows us maximum opportunity to have essential conversations that will, and have lead directly to positive change.”

All Symposium participants are known champions of environmental causes, he added, and each share “an unshakeable belief that when we join forces, it is possible to make a big impact on environmental problems in a shorter period of time and bring about transformational change”.

This change is tangible, he said, proven through the successful initiatives established as a direct result of past symposiums, such as WHOLE WORLD Water which takes the Soneva model of filtering and bottling drinking water on site and extends it to the whole of the hospitality industry.

With members contributing 10% of water revenues, this initiative has the potential to raise $1billion to provide safe drinking water and basic sanitation services globally.



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