RECIPE OF THE MONTH — Four Seasons Chiang Mai Kao Soi Gai

Sala Mae Rim Restaurant (1)

AUGUST’S RECIPE OF THE MONTHKao Soi Gai (Chiang Mai curry noodle and chicken) – comes from Sala Mae Rim restaurant at Four Seasons Resort Chiang Mai, renowned for its sumptuous Thai cuisine, where you can savour the unique flavours of Northern Thai specialties.

A high teak ceiling complements Northern Thai artefacts and sweeping views of the Mae Rim Valley. Therestaurant serves breakfast, lunch and dinner.

In addition to a daily Continental breakfast buffet, Sala Mae Rim’s menu also includes a variety of hot breakfast dishes prepared with local organic eggs, fruits and vegetables from the resort’s own organic garden and the Royal Project garden nestled in the nearby hills.

To accompany breakfast is a selection of local organic honey with flavours that change according to the season, such as rambutan, sunflower, sesame, longan, lychee and sabsua.


Chicken 100 gram

Fresh egg noodle 2 branches

Red curry paste 1 tablespoon

Chiang Mai curry powder (Hung Lay) ¼ tablespoon

Yellow curry powder 1 tablespoon

Coconut milk 1 ½ cup

Chicken stock 1 cup

Fish sauce 1 ½ tablespoon

Palm sugar paste 1 tablespoon

Thai coriander 2 leaves

Spring onion 1 stem

Khao Soi (1)-1Preparation

Heat the wok with the vegetable oil, then deep-fried the egg noodle. Set aside.

Blanch the egg noodle in boiling water and place in a soup bowl with Thai coriander.

Heat the wok and add half of coconut milk and stir gently until it heat.

Add red curry paste, Chiang Mai curry powder, and yellow curry powder. Mix well.

Add chicken and keep stirring until the chicken turns white. Then add another half of coconut milkand stir gently.

Bring to boil, then add chicken stock, fish sauce and palm sugar paste. Then, reduce the heat to low for

slowing cooking for 3 – 4 minutes.

Pour the curry soup over the egg noodle bowl.

Garnish with crisp noodle and sliced spring onion.

Serve aside with lime sliced, fried shallots, pickled mustards and chilli oil.



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