Intelligent Spas releases foot bath ritual procedure


INTELLIGENT SPAS is offering a new Premier Foot Bath Ritual Procedure that goes “above and beyond standard service standards” to ensure clients begin their journey with an amazing spa experience.

This unique ritual provides spas with a very detailed treatment delivery protocol which ensures staff are trained to the highest level and enables premium pricing.

Julie Garrow, Intelligent Spas’ president, lists five positive business outcomes from the procedure: More satisfying customer experiences, additional word of mouth advertising, new business generation, increased positive client ratings and reviews, improved employee occupational health and safety.

“A foot bath is an imperative spa ritual which aims to set the stage for each spa visit, helping clients relax in preparation of their main treatment, whilst giving them added value and an interesting experience,” she added.

Without the introductory foot bath, the client flow of going straight into a treatment can be quite abrupt, which does not comply with the ambiance of a relaxing spa environment.

“We’ve choreographed a uniquely detailed Premier Foot Bath Ritual containing 79 steps and detailed supporting items, to help spa therapists deliver seamless and special experiences, with positive business outcomes.”

The procedure document includes the policy, step-by-step procedure including verbal scripts, product list and checklist, room setup list and checklist and room set-up diagram.

Both a secure PDF file and an editable Microsoft Word file are provided for your convenience and easy customization.

Pricing is based on business type user licenses — single location, multiple locations, consultants or academic libraries – please sign up or log in to view relevant pricing and to order publications. A single location price, for example, is US$30.

The manual is being offered on a pre-order basis and is not immediately available, with delivery expected in two to four weeks of your purchase date on a “first ordered/first completed” process.

Pre-orders will be advised of their likely delivery date.





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