Trisara unveils its new Jara Spa

TRIARA PHUKET’S NEWLY-RENAMED JARA SPA has a wonderful full name – “Jara Spa at the Garden of the Third Heaven” – that takes guests on a journey of balanced well-being.

Its holistic five- pillar philosophy is inspired by the century old Ficus tree at the heart of Trisara.

“True well-being is achieved through the understanding and embodiment of the five pillars in relation to the Ficus tree which has become the philosophy of our spa experience”, said Sophon O-In, spa manager at Trisara.

The five pillars are rejuvenation through nutrition and balance of energy represented by the roots of the tree as they provide the rest of the tree with stability, nourishment and grounding.

Fitness and physical renewal are represented by the trunk of the tree as a healthy core providing strength and balance.

Mind & body is represented by the spirituality of the tree which has long been the chosen home of the spirit house, a shrine to the protective spirit of the Trisara land.

Eternal youth through anti-ageing practices is represented by the branches of the tree which continue to grow and produce flowers as long as the branches are healthy.

And lastly, the beauty and the simple power of pleasure are represented by the healthy leaves and fruit bared when the rest of the tree is taken care of.

The new spa entrance and lobby have been redesigned and opened up to embrace views of the magnificent Ficus tree, and a new post-treatment room has been added to enhance the spa experience.

“We recognized that many of our guests were not ready for their journey to end once the treatment was finished so we have added a post treatment room where guests can unwind for as long as they like in a soothing environment”, said Sophon O-In.

Jara Spa is truly holistic, focusing on not just traditional beauty and massage but also placing equal importance on caring for the mind and body.

The menu is divided into the five pillars so guests can easily select the best treatment based on the outcome they are looking for. Tailor-made discoveries allow guests to achieve total wellbeing by addressing each of the five pillars.

The “Jara Local” discovery for instance includes a Thai massage lesson, Samunpai Scrub & Wrap, Thai thermal massage, Thai Stretching and a walking meditation usually practised by Buddhist monks.

Guests are guided every step of the way by a skilled spa consultant who helps to create a tailor-made experience for each individual using interesting and unique treatments that bring out the best of local customs and practices.

The Royal Trisara six-hand massage has always been a signature of the spa because it is so indulgent, while the Thai Thermal massage is inspired by ancient Thai post-natal treatment, which employs the use of heated Himalayan salts in clay posts.

The spa packages combine key experiences that address some or all of the five pillars whilst also responding to today’s hectic way of life.

“Aiming to create a trusting connection, our skilled team of therapists, trainers and consultants will gently guide guests through a highly personalized program and provide them with useful life tools and tips that they can bring home.”

Trisara’s recent awards include:

  • 2017 Gold List of Condé Nast Traveler (Only Resort in Phuket)
  • TripAdvisor Travelers’ Choice: #1 Hotel in Thailand
  • Top 100 Resorts: Robb Report
  • Gallivanter’s Guide: Best Resorts Worldwid
  • Wine Spectator Award of Excellence 2016

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