Bandara Samui’s new salt pot massage compress

IN THE PAST, DURING THE PREGNANCY PERIOD and delivery time, new Thai mothers have been closely monitored by a traditional midwife, who long followed the practice of Thai-approach obstetrics science.

They also had to receive postpartum treatment, considered compulsory for nearly all. The process, which can last  from three days to a month, involves lying above a heated surface with herbal steam in order to restore the uterus and over-all vitality.

The application of a heated, salt-filled clay pot around the mother’s abdomen area is also a regular practice.

It was believed that this process relieves sprains and benefits muscle tone and edematous conditions. It also helps decrease belly fat and cleanse the amniotic fluid efficiently.

Located amid the serenity of a natural sea setting with temple trees in abundance, Bandara Spa has adopted and modified this traditional process of maternal care as its signature practice, as well as its application of salt pot strategy.

This program of heated compression with salt-filled clay pots is available at Bandara Spa. The treatment lasts from 90 minutes-to-two hours, and also suitable for those experiencing heavy fatigue, complications with blood circulation and back and waist pain. All symptoms will disappear as a result of the treatment.

A special recipe of components prepared by experts is filled inside. Its secret is that the salt can well maintain the heat throughout the whole process of treatment. The well-selected rock salt is blended with essential oil to deliver its mild pink colour and lavender fragrance, which capably relieves the existing tension and any insomnia.

This aesthetical treatment starts with the kneading of all ten lines where major tendons and nerves exist. Then is the application of the heated salt pot throughout the body.

Due to its coolness-absorbing surface, the clay pot will protect the treated skin not to get red by the over-irritation effect. The focused areas go to the lower abdominal section, back and hips, specially aiming at the inner organism. For those with muscle tone, this sort of heat will get rid of all deep tensions.



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