Why Thailand? Why Spas? I put that question to a number of spa professionals on a recent tour of Thai spas and I still don’t have a simple explanation, other than there is a special, almost mystical connection that doesn’t quite exist elsewhere. Everyone had an answer but not one that really clicked in my head. For some, it was the geography, the landscape, the architecture, the warm azure waters of the Gulf of Thailand, and for others, the Thai people and the Thai sense of kindness, a genuine desire to give from the heart and a deep-rooted Buddhist belief of being of service to others.

It’s all those things. And more. Whatever it is, it’s real, even if you can;t quite put your finger it, For one spa manager, it was something more tangible. You can get the same treatments just about anywhere. “But guests tell us, it’s the special touch of their therapist and looking up at the face of someone who loves what they do . . . someone who’s always smiling.”

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